Sunday, 11 May 2008

Yet more tanks... more future projects.

As part of my clear up I've been spending some time getting stuff assembled (takes up less space that way!), this time it's been starting work on some more projects effectively, though I dont expect them to really gain any ground for a bit yet.

First up is what will be the transports of for my Praetorian Life Guards (Grenadiers/Storm Troopers). I did a concept for the Life Guards a couple of years ago, based on Plastic Cadians with some minor Greenstuff work, Praetorian heads and a few other bits and pieces. In the future I plan on doing a Platoon of these guys, but almost certainly as components cast up in resin.

For now though - well their future transports are on the way at least!

Another project will be a new Salamander Scout Vehicle conversion, I did a version of this in a previous incarnation of my army years ago, the new version will be an improved take on this.

In addition to starting on the Salamander, the sixth and final Chimera chasis I'm working on will become a Hydra. I bought the Hydra Platform long ago so its simply a matter of converting the hull and fitting the turret onto it, nice an simple but with Flyers increasingly common will no doubt be useful.

Finally on the subject of tanks, the Executioner Turret I started in a previous entry is almost finished, I'll update that during the week, however I came across the batteries from a Space Marine Predator Annilator in my bits box recently and with plenty more spare Russ turrets that can only mean one thing, a Leman Russ Annilator is next!T


RonSaikowski said...

That Life Guard looks great.
Very nice work.

odie said...

That Life Guard is looking good. What did you use for the backpack?

You've inspired me to start my own Praetorian blog over at , so come check it out.

It's still pretty sparse, but I should have some picks of what's painted so far later up today.

Anonymous said...

Loving the troopers, keep up the good work.

Ian said...

The Life Guard looks really nice. Why the name -
"Life Guard?"

Col.Gravis said...

The backpack is just a cutdown Cadian Vox Pack with a bit of guitar wire to link it to the extended Lasgun.

Looks good odie, I'll link you up to the blogroll in a bit!

ian, Life Guards (apart from the obvious pool/beach ones!) is also the name of the senior British Army Regiment. Though they are actually cavalry I felt with their Carapace armour, elite nature and given I intended on making them mechanised would be a good choice to be Praetorian Storm Troopers on. Theres some background to the British Regiment and a few pictures of them in the modern day at the below address.

Rudra said...

Thanks for writing this.