Monday, 12 May 2008

Concept - The Life Guards

Since there seems to have been a little bit of interest in the Life Guard's after my last post I thought I'd post up a few more pictures of them. The Life Guards are my Praetorian equvilient to Storm Troopers/Grenadiers, I loosely based the models on the British Regiment of Life Guards, the British Armies senior Regiment, they're actually Cavalry but I'm making mine mechanised, their orante uniforms, elite nature (and carapace armour!) just jumped out as being ideal to me.

These conversions were something I did a whopping 6 years ago now (cant believe how quick time has flown, did'nt realise it was so long ago until I looked at the date stamp!), they're based on Cadian plastics with the pockets filed off the trousers, a slit cut in the rear of the lower tunic and the armoured carapace greenstuffed into a curved breast plate. The arms were altered with gloves and epualettes and a Praetorian head was added with additional plume and aquilla badge added. Finally the weapons are swords in scabbard taken from Commissar Yarrick and cadian lasguns with catachan barrels added to extend the weapon, ammo clips are replaced with guitar wire which then connects to a cut down vox pack to finish the model.

Unfortunately most of these guys are now in a bit of a state of rerepair and they never got painted, a new version will form part of the project in the future however.


RonSaikowski said...

I'm definitely a fan of them. There's more work in them than I realized.
They have a great unique look and I hope you finally get that squad painted up.

Phill MADCT said...

these are effing brilliant. Mr. Gravis, is there any chance of a tutorial or step by step? I would love to do some of these for my praetorians. I already have some of the gas mask storm troopers and would like to do something like this to represent hardened veterans.

Once, again, these are great.

Phill said...

lol, just looked at the pics again and spotted the sarge's pistol is also hooked up to the back pack. genius!

Ian said...

I am consistently impressed by the depth of modeling and sculpting. Thanks, too, for the historical reference/information.

odie said...

Those are just nothing but brilliant.

Anonymous said...

You never stop amazing me!!! Im sittin here in Iraq and finally get a chance to check your page out, and what do i find, a whole bunch of new stuff that blows my mind. If I was only half as good as you with green stuff Id be a happy man. well needless to say I love all your stuff and if you ever decide to sell it, take yourself out back and insert a pistol to mouth and pull the trigger. (less mess to clean up if out side)

Ill forever be a fan

SSG Allcock

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys :)

With regards to a tutorial I'll see what pics I've got, though I doubt theres much useful to illustrate it.

As I say ultimately I hope to create a new component based version of these models which can be cast, I might even have a crack at complete sculpts perhaps I'll see when the time comes - thats likely to be at least a year down the line though.