Saturday, 23 February 2008

Venatio Accipiter - Project Start

Try as I might when it came to the crunch there was one in stock and I could'nt resist. So yes, I've gone an bought a Mars Pattern Warhound Titan, looking at the kit now it really is an even nicer model then I imagined, though it really is going to be a modelling challenge by the looks of things. All parts are in the box, theres little excess release agents so I'm hoping the kit will be nice an easy to clean with soap an hot water, and as a bonus there seems to be no miscasting and minimal flash.

Taking this one on now means putting on hold a number of other projects, that'll mean the Leviathan, Russ and Basilisks all get put on hold for the time being, sculpting and painting the Leviathan will continue - and I'll probably stil sneak in the Sentinel I've started on - and those proecjts will be replaced with the other put back ones as and when completed, but for now at least this will be the focus of my attention.

I'm dubbing it the 'Venatio Accipiter' which translates roughly to 'Hunting Hawk', I've not decided on the colour scheme yet, though it'll almost certainly not follow an existing Titan Legions scheme - none of the ones I like are in the right Segmentum to serve alongside the Praetorians and the ones which are I'm not so keen on, so I guess I'll create my own. I'm gonna start by working on the head, and then I'll move to the legs and work up, I'm half tempted too try an make the weapons swapable so I can scratch build some Turbolasers, though the thought of cutting such a lovely (and expensive!) model scares me somewhat so we'll see!


Anonymous said...

Oh, to have your expendable income.....

Not that I'm a lightweight in the number of minis in my collection or anything.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the above, lol. :p

I'll be looking forward to seeing progress on this... the Mars Pattern is the nicer looking of the Warhounds, can't wait to see what you'll do with it!

Porlzilla said...

Please please please bring back the Leviathan soon! I'm loving it!