Monday, 11 February 2008

Sculpts (Part 2)

Just a few pictures of the ongoing work on the sculpts for the Praetorian Guardsman kit and the Praetorian Roughriders, of which bar the collars which will probably be adjusted the torso's are now finished. Though the pics dont show the details particularly well it does show the scale when compaired to the comparable models (classic metal Praetorians for the Roughriders, plastic cadian for the Guardsmen).

I'm now beginning work on the heads for the Roughriders and the arms for the Guardsmen, more progress shtos soon I hope!


mk6marine said...

Awesome job! Keep up the good work. I just joined the Phoenix Club Forum, when the time comes, how does one go about purchasing these lovely models.

Anonymous said...

Great sculpting as always, and that's a pretty good fit on the cadian legs.

By the way, how did that casting kit work out on the Rough Riders? I'm likely to be sculpting a couple of pilots for my Elysians, and that kit you used looks like good value for money. Were the results good? What's the resin like once it hardens?

bigred said...

Hey Colonel Gravis,

The BoLS team are working away on an IG focused yearly campaign book and would like to talk to you a bit about adding in your Praetorians for some extra flavor.

If you're interested, could you email the blog at, and we will give you all the juicy details.

Col.Gravis said...

@mk6marine, thankyou! They'll be more details on the Phoenix Club Forums (and almost certainly here) once we're nearer the time, truth be told I'm not 100% sure on teh details myself yet, not my side of things.

@eek, thankyou, the casting kit worked out pretty well it has to be said all in all once I'd got the ins an outs of making molds. The resin seems pretty good quality, is solid and cuts well, the only problem I really encountered was excessive air bubbles, but I think thats more my fault then anything, ideally you need to spend plenty of time getting the bubbles out.

@bigred, just dropped you an email, definately sounds interesting!