Thursday, 7 February 2008

Malcador, Sculpts and stuff!

Progress on the Malcador continues with the other side now finished, I'm now working on the belly of the beast. I'd hoped to have it finished for the end of this weekend but that seems very unlikely now, still not to worry, I'll get it done!

I've decided on my solution for Chimera chasis hull mounted Gatlings, in the end I fitted a corner section of plasti-strut into the normal Heavy Bolter mount, the Gatling was then fixed to this, quick, simply, and stops the weapon from being rediculously prominent against the silouette of the hull.

Finally on the painting/modelling front I've started work on a Sentinel, which I'll arm with a Lascannon, but using magnets so I can add other weapons options later on. The reason for this until now unplanned addition is the playtest copy of 5th edition and the continueing evolution of my play style. Simply put I dont want to be restrained to infantry crewed, static, anti-tank that I currently tends to be the case, likewise though I don't wish to switch my Russ to this role. I've also grown fustrated with Meltabomb equipped Roughriders supporting my Lascannon, they tend to work once at best against most opponents, and for such a fragile unit come in expensive - especially when compaired to their Hunting Lance equipped colleagues.

Last but not least, I've now finally got something I'm happy to show for the Praetorian resin kits for the Phoenix Club (now perhaps more useful then ever given Praetorians being noteable by their absense from the new GW catalogue - granted that was to be expected).

Torso's for Roughrider Troopers and Guardsmen are both nearing completion, basicly just needing buttons, work on the belts and some general tidying.

The Roughrider torso is in scale with the metal Praetorian's, the legs are also comming along nicely, though I'm finding getting the boots matching sufficiently for my tastes a little fustrating.

The Cadian to Praetorian conversion kit torso is larger in fitting with the Cadian kit, to keep bits to a minimum there wont be alternative legs, and I'm hoping to pull off something a little clever to avoid trying to sculpt weapons instead making use of the existing cadian ones, more updates in the near future.

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