Friday, 27 April 2012

Background - The Pacification of Montar VII?

The following is the proposed background for the Praetorian Imperial Guard vs. Ork community apocalypse Game at Warhammer World next year.
The Pacification of Montar VII?
At the last it came to the re-conquest of Montar VII, the very first world conquered by Waaagh Bulgarg, and the site of the infamous massacre at Big Toof River. Though Warlord Bulgarg himself had by now vanished along with a sizeable portion of his horde, the planet’s surface still teamed with Orks. This strength of numbers alone left Imperial strategists predicting massive casualties, and unable to assure victory.  Thus, at the climax of the campaign, as the drop ships descended, Lord Sherdan himself took personal command of the Imperial army group from his personal Leviathan, the Glorious Retribution.

Initially there was no focused opposition to the Imperial landings, something eerily reminiscent of the arrival of the Praetorian 24th many years previously. However, as Sherdan’s command advanced Ork opposition stiffened, and it became apparent that the Orks increasingly acted with a unified will - a new Warlord had clearly established himself over his brutal kin. Contact was now regularly made on all sides by probing Ork warbands, especially during the hours of darkness; yet still the main horde did not commit itself. In response, Sherdan drew his forces into a hollow square proof against such attacks as they advanced, holding the same formation as they made camp. In this fashion, the Imperial forces steadily ground towards what had been identified as the largest Orkish settlement from orbit, finally assuming a defensive position on the high ground overlooking it.

Beneath the Imperial army, the Ork slums extended almost out of sight, while closer at hand the original battlefield of Big Toof River loomed, the skeletons of Imperial armour still projecting above the sands. Only then, as the ghosts of past Imperial defeat looked on unflinchingly, did the Orkish hordes which now visibly surrounded the Imperial Guard force finally oblige. The seething green mass which stretched across the horizon charged with a deafening roar, and the ground itself shook at the tread of the numberless warriors and their warmachines.

The deciding battle of the campaign was joined.


mk6marine said...

Outstanding! Just enough of a teaser to establish the setting. I can almost feel the tension building as the Imperials ramp up to seek vengeance and the Orks slowly grumble until the WAAAAGH!!

Dai said...

Very good buildup indeed.

Ady said...

I'd love to add my forces but at present, the RN is failing to let me know what I am upto next year!
I appreciate the efforts you put in though.

Colonel Winterborne said...

I'd go just to see your finished leviathan!

Admiral Drax said...

Damn this looks fun.

Malkavschilde said...

This looks Grand!