Thursday, 26 July 2007


Well it's been a while, and progress as ever has been s.l.o.w!

The Mortar's are complete, but to improve them a little I'm gonna be adding rockets in the trough ready for firing, these I hope to have done within the next week or so, I'll add unit pictures then.

I've all but finished six of the ten horses I need for the Roughriders being used in my list, with the aim of getting the remaining four within the next week or so as well. The rider sculpts are getting there, the new legs are just about done, just needing final detailing (stirrups), the torso I'm going to use will be that initially sculpted for the Phoenix Club Praetorians - I'll resume work on the rest of the resin Praetorian masters later - leaving me with arms and heads to go for the Roughriders. I'm aiming now to have the casts done by the middle of next month, maybe a tall order as I've not yet got any casting gear or materials(!), that'll be another job for this weekend, do my homework an order!

I've made a start on cleaning up and assembling the Leman Russ also, having ordered some extra bits an pieces including an engine, more on this once the parts have all arrived!

Grenadiers... I'm leaving these for the time being, the Roughriders and tank are gonna take priority, if I've got time once these are finished I'll try an get some Life Guards ready to use, I'm not confident on these now however, that'll mean some minor changes, namely an extra Infantry Squad to the mobile Platoon but I've already got all the models I need to do this so no worries there.

Update with pictures soon!

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