Saturday, 12 January 2008

Malcador (Part 1)

Well the Malcador Defender is now very much underway. I've replaced the Heavy Bolters with my usual Gatlings Guns, and used the nicer plastic Lascannons from the IG Heavy Weapons sprues. The Guns have now been painted and varnished and slotted into their spaces, with the sponson blocks and roof now fixed in place, both these elements have left some fairly large gaps which I'll now get on with filling before moving onto painting properly.

It's a really nice kit, though I was unlucky to get one which was well and trully coated in release agent, soap and hot water failed, and even white spirit did'nt deal with the worst of it after a 24 hours soak, so I resorted to a scrub of nail varish remover applied with a tooth brush on the worst areas - this seems to have cleared the problem without any damage to the resin.


Phill said...

Hi dude, great stuff.

Where did you get the gatling guns from? Are they the same ones from the ancient sentinal? the egg? how do you plan on painting the malcador?

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks :)

The Gatlings Guns are Assault Cannons from the 2nd Edition Sentinel (the box on legs as opposed to the eggs on legs).

The Malcador will be in the same grey sceheme as the Leman Russ was, though I may try an brass it up a little more too try an carry across its more archaic nature.

Anonymous said...

When I added my assault barrels to my Salamander I used the flamer. I cut the flamer off, and mounted the gun onto the base that was left. I then used a little greenstuff, to complete the look of fabric. I hope that maybe this will help you with your Bassis. as usual yours trully.

SSG Allcock

Col.Gravis said...

Good idea there, I think my concern with that method is the gun will be a little to proud of the hull, I'm gonna have to give it a test though ultimately to see how it looks, probably will come to it later this week, am in the process of painting the Earthshaker guns (and the Malcador) at the moment.

Anonymous said...

MY Preatorians are on hold till I return from Iraq, and then I too will finish my malcador and last earthshaker inplacement. When I used the flamer based i added a Baal assault gun and it worked out well...

SSG Allcock (memnochdrago)

Col.Gravis said...

Aye I cant imagine it's the easiest of places to enjoy your hobby!

Ah that could be it then, the old Sentinel version is I believe longer and less stumpy then Baal variant, I may have to look into that, I'm worried about consistantcy mind you, I'll play around using what Ive got first.

Anonymous said...

just have a look at mine again on the Imperial guard message bored if you want to see how it turns out. I usedthem on both my Malcador and my Chimera and Salamander. I used the sentinal version for my troop version. (it was the only way I could get mine to resemble yours)

SSG. Allcock

Col.Gravis said...

Yeah I see what ya mean, the stubby look actually works pretty damn well. Certainly tempting, will see how it goes.

Cheers for the ideas!