Monday, 4 January 2010

New Years Hobby Resolutions 2010

Very little introduction is needed, in 2009 I was moderately successful with my Hobby Resolutions achieving 3 out of 5, this year I'd like to better that and I'd adding some new tougher challenges by my standards!

1 - Finish THREE army projects: My first aim for 2010 will be to finish in full three complete Army Projects, my plan is to make this one 40k Army, my Warriors of Chaos Army for WFB and one other from my specialist games collection (probably either my Epic Imperial Guard army or AI Imperial Navy wing.

2 - No new model purchases EXCEPT those needed to finish existing armies: In 2009 I vowed to not start any new armies, that succeded, in 2010 I'm going to aim to curb my spending - trading is excempt however.

3 - Terrain: A repeat of last years failed vow, I want to get my Terrain Collection assembled and painted for use - I'd also like to try and get a Games Table sorted how I have the use of a spare room...

4 - Blog! : It's back, and this year I want to make sure I keep it up and try to better the past years performance.

5 - Painting Practice: Another repeat of the previous years resolution, once again I'd really like to practice some of the more advanced techniques that are used in our hobby, and once again I need to make sure I go into it with an open mind as I often find it quite difficult to tackle something in a way which is different to how I normally would.

Have you set yourself out some new Years Hobby Resolutions? If not, why not? Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

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