Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Commission - Praetorian Ogryn Squad (Part 11)

Got to love working in a school, or at least a school which is closed when it snows! This is my first post from my new home, the internet is finally up and running, which means that everything is pretty much sorted here and my free time is mine once again - which means I'm back working on my hobby - and commission work.

Long promissed here is an update on the Praetorian Ogryns to start with.

The first of the second batch now just needs his boots and hands adding, the sprues still need to be unpacked for his hands and probably won't require any modification however.

The Squad 'Corporal' has a bit further to go, I'm working on finishing off the Epualettes at the moment, which will be followed by work on his tunic and belt, that will bring him to the 'almost' finished stage.

The final model in the current batch has the most work to go, the tunic is almost as far as I can take it until the head is added (also still to be unpacked), the Epualettes are well under way however.

More importantly for the moment the master 'Gatling' Ripper Gun is finished and now on it's way to get cast up, some of the final guns will have stocks, some will have them removed, the weapon is also slightly wider then I'd originally planned which will probably mean I'll have to do some further work on the otherwise finished first batch to fit the weapons appropriately.

Here's the master test fitted to the Bonehead, the stock makes it impossible to fit in place snuggly at the moment, but it does give a good idea of scale for the weapons.


Wolfy said...

.Certainly look cool.

Glad to see that you are settled into your new home and that you have free time again.



Wolfy said...

Are you getting my emails mate?

Rogue Valley Minis said...

I love the up arrow on the ammo magazine!

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks Rogue Valley Minis!

Wolfy, glad you like and thankyou, it's good to have a place to sit again! I'm getting your emails yes, I've got about 100 to get through unfortunately so I'm rather slow in trying to reply to everything at the moment.