Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Second Siege of Agratha - Tales from the Front (Part 1)

The Front

From his vantage point atop the Leviathan's fighting platform Gravis’ had a commanding view of the battlefield below. The command vehicle was amply equipped with auspex arrays and cogitators, enough that a planetary assault could be commanded by just a small command staff from within the safety of the Leviathans thick armour and void shields. However, Gravis’ view was that true battlefield perspective could only be granted by seeing it unfold with one’s own eyes, not to mention the importance that the men should see their leader in the midst of battle.

Privately he also conceded he enjoyed riding such a behemoth into battle the prestige it brought with it.

Ahead of the Leviathan, Gravis’ heavy armour rumbled forward, while to his left the Infantry was already taking up positions around their support weapons and a battery of Rapiers, more mechanised troops were drawing up under the bridge.

A heavy explosion in the distance drew his attention, closer at hand he noticed a detachment of skull masked Death Korps advancing. Gravis’ gaze hung on these unexpected allies for a moment, the building they occupied was already swarming with Orks but he had no doubt the Korpsmen would hold them back – no matter the cost.

Beyond them stood the 24th Cadian, massed infantry but with relatively few support weapons - their armour pushing forward to the far flank though, the Orks already moving to engage them rapidly.


 “Signals! Send my compliments to Admiral Drax’ and try to raise Colonel Winterbourne...”

Ahead, the Orks were massing.

“…the sooner the better.”
At their head came the massive Stompas, clanking and clunking forward with frightful rapidity.

Gravis' referred to his dataslate marking a dozen locations and passed it to the Artilleries liason officer.

"Carter, have the artillery target these co-ordinates, fire when ready."

 Behind the Lines

The artillery spoke as one, missiles streaking skywards as the massed Thudd Gun batteries let rip, all firing at targets well beyond Caine’s own line of sight. In the distance the sky lit up with at least one massive explosion as something big brewed up.

Already new fire orders were coming in from the front lines, but something else drew his attention, to their left a cloud of dust was blowing up.

It had to be Colonel Winterbournes Mechanised Regiment.

It had to be.

But why then were they heading this way, and not to the front?

Caine drew up his Platoon to the barricades as a precaution, and noted the Kriegsmen doing similarly on the other side of the compound...


Da Masta Cheef said...

Your Colonel Gravis mini is easily the most dynamic IG conversion I've seen!

Dai said...

Great start to the story!

(Especially loving that arti-park in the backfield.)

Zzzzzz said...

More !


Admiral Drax said...

Love this, Gravis: great work!