Tuesday, 13 December 2011

New (Potentially Praetorian) Releases from Victoria Miniatures, MaxiMini & Warlord Games

Seems while I've been distracted Victoria Lamb and Warlord Games have previewed and indeed released yet more goodies suitable for alternative Praetorians!

First up we have the long awaited Victorian Guard Arms and Lasguns, now available from Victoria Miniatures, now available for sale from Victoria's webstore HERE.

You can see the full range of Victoria's Infantry bits in the below pic, quite a collection! I've just ordered a small sample of several of these along with a couple of the Roughriders - looking forward to having a play around with them after Christmas, suffice to say I'll be blogging about them once they arrive.

Finally from Victoria Miniatures is a preview of one Captain Caine, not available yet, but hopefully soon!

Meanwhile, Warlord Games now have their British Zulu War Plastics on pre-order HERE. Each box comes with enough bits to make 20 Plastic Infantry and includes 4 metal command figures to boot, all at a price of £20.00, not bad eh? Of course there is a down side, these will almost certainly be true scale 28mm as opposed to GWs Heroic Scale 28mm, similarly to Wargames Factories offering, that said these looks much better sculpts and that, combined with the price make them worthy of concideration.

Finally, look what has been previewed on DakkaDakka HERE as a forthcoming release from Maxi-Mini - another company getting in on the Pith headed action!


Colonel Winterborne said...

Glad to see you back blogging after a week away, and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing some more of your miniatures! Im not sure about the historical models but the Victoria Lamb arms I'm expecting delivery of any day now!

Colonel Winterborne said...

also are those heads the right scale?

Col.Gravis said...

I suspect they are 28mm Heroic so in line with Cadians etc, so yes right scale. I have queried this though to confirm if thats the case or not.

Colonel Winterborne said...

Fingers crossed, they do look great! Also another question completely unrelated, bu I was checking out your storm troopers from a while back and you have a metal cavalry sabre, where exactly is that from as I wouldnt mind getting some! Also what did you use for the connecting pipe between then backpack and hotshot lasgun.

Lordybloke said...


Don't know if you've seen the Empress minis lancers (they were new to me):

Scroll right to bottom.

Not sure if they'd scale well with Praetorian minis but might be worth a look?

Col.Gravis said...

Had it confirmed that yes the Maximini heads are 28mm heroic - good times, something else to order!

Regardng your other queries Colonel Winterborne, the cable is a Guitar String, though I forget what size - the sabre meanwhile is from Commissar Yarrick (I ordered a bunch when there was still a Bitz Service).

Lordybloke, they almost certainly would be, though I'd guess at them being 28mm true scale rather then heroic - a fine option if you were to go with a true scale alternative for your normal Guardsmen at the very least.

Punisher1983 said...

them heads look pretty amazing.
would love to order some.

is there a timescale on when they are being released?

Also a little unrelated but, has anyone brought anything from www.victorialamb.com?
im particularly interested in these guys: http://www.victorialamb.com/wugs/drookian%20gallery/highlandx15.htm

many thanks

The Vern said...

Where do you get your horses from?

Col.Gravis said...

Punisher, yes I've taken delivery of some the kilts for my veterans, I expect to post a couple of test miniatures shortly - I know Colonel Winterborne has done the same and has some finished examples done on his blog - there were also some posted on Dakkadakka a little while back.

I'm afraid I don't know the time scale on the heads - yet!

The Vern, all the horses I've used are from the WFB Empire Outrider boxset, I tend to pick them up from Maelstrom, Wayland or now from Iron Haven Games.

The Vern said...

I bought Victoria's rough rider conversion (10) so far so good! Instead of Praetorians I am doing Cadian's and added them into my fluff for the regiment I am designing.

Instead of Cadian heads what do you think of using the outrider heads? I think it gives them a more dragoon type look I was hoping to achieve.