Thursday, 1 December 2011

Roughrider Painting Contest Entries

Thats it, the entries are in, the contest is closed, time for a spot of voting! There is a poll to tge top left of the page, have at it, which do you think is the best squad of Roughriders? Voting closes in one week!










Mordian7th said...

Wow - some great entries in the contest! I love how each person has their own unique take on the Praetorians, especially the ones on the oop Vincent Blackshadow bikes. Awesome work all around, it's going to be hard to pick just one!

Col. Ackland said...

Ditto Mordian 7th, they all have so much character! Talk about a tough vote! but where is Col Gravis's?
well done everyone.

Ian said...

All of them are impressive, and each entry has something cool and impressive about it. I suppose I most enjoyed looking at Entries 3 and 1, in that order, so those can count as my vote I suppose. Still, great work all.

Punisher_1983 said...

for me its between number 1 and 3.
3 has just pipped ahaed as they are the heads i as looking for my Rough Riders i brought a few months back.

well done to all entries.
would be great to have more of these as id love to enter some of my men.
but i think itll be another 6 months by the time there painted.

Colonel Jacka said...

We have a competition. Great entries all round!

Bugger Bikes! I knew I should have done bikes!

Colonel Jacka said...

Great entries all round. Good competition.

Bugger bikes! i knew I should have done bikes!


Colonel Winterborne said...

Ive got to say the more I look at the entries the more I think round bases are the way to go. There are some great entries, well done everyone! Let's have another competition soon, it's great motivation!

David said...

ENTRY 4 por favor!

Ken said...

For me, Entry #3 is the best. The paint job, the cavalry riders and lance positioning, and the horses all come together very nicely.

I'm jealous of the contest winner, this contest got me to put together my roughrider unit but I couldn't get around to painting them as life and work got crazy for few weeks.

All of the entries look great. Well done, especially the bikers, the bike cavalry was a close second in my opinion.

Colonel Jacka said...

Bugger. Have been at sea and missed the vote. I vote for me in absence. So therefore I get a belated vote of one. Hmmmmm, that means I still lost. I claim discrimination as my guys are Cadians and are not fancy pants enough for Praetorian's and Mordian's fans.

Rob great competition thanks for making do my first Rough Riders.


Col. Ackland said...

he he "fancy pants Praetorian's and Mordian's"
love it.