Friday, 23 December 2011

Now on Sale - 28mm Dress Uniform Torso's in Packs of Ten

Right, I've been sitting on these for quite a while now, so I figure its long overdue that I made them available!

These dress uniform torsos feature a winged skull on the breast, and are a modified version of the Roughrider torso. They are intended for use with plastic heroically scaled 28mm infantry, or with my own Roughrider kits. Each pack consists of ten torsos and is priced at £5.00, excluding P&P. I currently have approximately 30 packs available via Paypal Checkout, as with the Roughriders, on the Conversion Bits & Kits page HERE.

As I mentioned these have been around for a while now, and the particularly eagle eyed may recognise them from Colonel Winterbornes excellent Roughriders, an example of which you can see below.


Col.Gravis said...

Blimey, it took 10 minutes from this post being made, to the first order being placed - not bad going!

Anonymous said...

This spurred me on to finally make the Rough Rider purchase I've been thinking about for ages..

Nice work Col. Gravis, I'm looking forward to putting these together!

lone dirty dog said...

Yes and that 10 mins was me …… Now I have to find the time to start assembling every thing i have bought over the last 3 months shame you cant buy time .

Chantyam said...

Ok you got me again what with you and Victoria Lamb the lead pile fills while the wallet empties :) still time to start a proper comand group/elite. All the best for the upcoming year and any further plans to help me spend any more money

oink said...

These look great! another nice sculpt. I'm sure you've already considered this, but can we see some pics of this torso next to say, a plastic cadian... my thinking is to make some regular chaps in dress (no armour!)

Col.Gravis said...

Good who Anon!

lol I know how you feel lone dirty dog, my unassembled pile is getting as big as my assembled and unpainted pile, this is not a good thing!

lol@chantyam, I know, I know! All the best to you too!

Oink, it is done!