Thursday, 29 May 2014

Orks - The subtle look

Hello all, just wanted to share some of my orky constructions. I love the convertibility  of the orks, and over the years I've seen some pretty outlandish ones. Below is a collection of the more subtle ones from my collection.

I love the Zagstruk model, and will eventually want to have a full unit of stormboyz. I'm really pleased with this subtle conversion. A simple repose and the additional of the smoke really makes him stand out, especially as he's essentially floating above his base. I'll be doing a tutorial on the smoke effect in a future post.

Grot Flyer (deffkopta)
This guy is built entirely from ork dakkjet bits. I really love the expression on the grots face, he's in a full blown dive bomb!
Ork Big Mek
I've used this guy as various proxies, from an ork biker warboss, to a big mek with kustom force field. He was built almost entirely from the Colonels extensive guard bitz box.

Hope you like these, I'll be sharing some more soon, in the mean time would love to see some of yours orky creations! If GW don't grant my wishes and bring out a plastic boar boyz kit, then I'll be sharing my Ork boar boyz converions in future posts.

Happy converting!



Ady said...

Subtle is good. I mark out my Bloodaxe boyz from my Goffs by adding a (very) simple greenstuff beret to them. Painted camoflage helps as well but the copying of the Imperium's military is the background that attracted me to them in the first place

Karitas said...

Nice. and funny how things synch up, OI just finished a stormboy yesterday (hell appear on the blog in about 10 days tho they way I have my posts set up) and I too have added smoke!

Greg Hess said...

Nothing is better then fun ork conversions. It's what got me into this hobby in the first place. Yours are great!

Dai said...

That Grot flyer is sweet. Very nice kitbash.

Anonymous said...

I remember playing a game at Gamesday where they had Praetorian Vs Orks. The orks were painted with brown skin and had zulu style shields. Epic stuff.

Mordian7th said...

Lovely, lovely! I always loved orks for the mental conversion possibilities - those are spectacular examples!

Jimbo said...

Cheers guy! I'll be hijacking Col G blog quite a bit in the coming weeks as the ork releases ramp up! Excited about building some flash gitz!