Thursday, 1 May 2014

Alternative 28mm Heavy Weapons

At last the Artillery kits funded through last years Kickstarter which achieved over 1200% of its required funding are back in stock. They've been remastered with a few minor changes to improve on the design, and with a big increase in casting quality with the excellent Zinge Industries now handling all production!

In stock at the moment are the single Field Artillery kits, which include a single Gun Carriage with a choice of four different weapons which can easily be swapped as the situation demands!

There is also a discounted Battery Kit, which includes three complete Field Artillery Kits.

And by popular demand the Gun Carriages are also available separately and in a discounted Battery Kit with three complete Gun Carriages. 

Single Weapon kits will be returning soon as well, while the popular Multiple Rocket Launcher will be getting the remastering treatment soon!

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