Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mordheim - Building the City of the Damned (Part 1)

Some bright spark (me :P ) recently decided it would be a god idea to get some of Games Workshops old specialist games being played at our store Kirton Games. We settled on starting up Mordheim as the first delve into this, after getting some popular support for it from several local gamers.

Mordheim for those of you who don't know was a skirmish game released by Game Workshop in 1999, set in the Warhammer World in an Empire city of the same name which is destroyed by a comet. The comet scatters a precious material, Wyrdstone across the ruins of the city, which warbands, mostly of human but also consisting of many other race from the Warhammer world seek to collect and come to fight over.

Its a very terrain hungry game, and belated I realised we'd need rather alot of ruins, given we did'nt just want to end up using the store extensive 40k ruin collection.

After a bit of research looking at the options, I decided that the best way forward was to build our own, despite the fact though I've been in the hobby for years I've never really built much in the way of terrain!

I've started off with some basic materials, a pack of A3 Foamboard, a little bit of scrap plasti-card, lots of PVA glue and some pin.... these were the first results.

I've gone for just building lots of houses to a similar design for now, with 6 completed to this stage.  I've not bothered with templates as they are fairly simple to construct, each floor allows around 2.5" of headroom suitable for most standard sized models.

Of course while functional they are no where near finished, so the next stage is detailing, a process I'm just starting to experiment with. For now I'm only working on one building for this, with floorboards added from lollypop sticks. I'm now waiting for a big delivery of these so I can do joists and beams on the exterior as well.

Once these are done I'll be using some filler and textured paint to finish the buildings off, before basing and painting the buildings. The lat piece of the puzzle for now though has been ladders, settling on a easy if time consuming build for these of two toffee apple sticks with holes drilled into them, into which cocktail sticks are fitted as rungs!

The build continues!


Jimbo said...

This is superb stuff Ron, how you going texture the outside of the buildings?

Admiral Drax said...

These look amazing already!