Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I've done something very silly...

Yes, as the title says I've done something very silly, which has kind of blown the Hobby Fund out of the water!

Now in my defence, it was a real bargin, almost 50% off from Forgeworld's price, especially given as it was someone from Exeter's other gaming club which meant no postage to pay either. I hav'nt quite decided how to justify it other then that yet! Though it is such a lovely model that it may be that it does'nt need it! It won't see the light of day for a while yet, the Warhound still needs finishing (and I must admit I am itching to get on with that), only the GT and commissions are holding me off.

I was'nt going to mention it quite yet, but a couple of people at Exeter Inquisition were demanding to know why there was no news of it - while bets were being placed on how long it would take me to finish it, talk of flying pigs and four angry men on horseback yelling something about a big game of Apocolypse were the common theme!


davetaylor said...

This isn't silly, this is AWESOME!!!

Congrats on taking the plunge, I look forward to seeing your posts about this guy, no matter how long it might take to get around to him.


Mik said...

There is no justification needed, you now have a Reaver Titan. It just is.


Itkovian said...

As the other two just said. This would need no justification if it were full price. The fact that you got it for half makes it an essential purchase, not even worthy of being counted in the hobby fund... like brushes and paints. :D

Cawshis Clay said...

An old Praetorian general once said, "Only thing better than a Reaver Titan inn your army is a Reaver Titan for half price in your army."

Congrats on the purchase!

jabberjabber said...

Oh my. Well done!

How many painting points do you get for a titan? ;)

Drathmere said...

No reason to justify this. Welcome back to the addiction!

Col.Gravis said...

Okay I'm convinced, I don't feel quite so bad now!

I just want to get on with painting Titan's now though and it's not even near the fron of the painting queue :(