Thursday, 8 October 2009

More D Company Infantry (Part 2)

And just to prove it's not all just other peoples models I'm doing, work continues on the small batch of guardsmen I'm painting. I've reached the stage where I'm working on the red now, and somehow it does'nt seem so painful anymore. I dont know about you but the first few stages of painting models - especially big blocks of them - always feels like it takes forever (okay in my case it probably does!), it is litterally painful. Then suddenly there comes a point where things start to take shape, when the model ceases to be blocks of colour and is starting to take on a more of a finished look, where it all starts to come together. I know well from experience that I've reached that stage with these guys now, the red stage - I actually cant wait to get on with them again!


Wolfy said...

Looking really good.

I like how you have the patience to paint them in stages over a large period of time, an assett im still working on!

the other Kevin said...

These are looking great. Someday I hope to have the patience to do minis of many colors like this.

Crazy Red Praetorian said...

I feel your pain Col. I have painted about 2800pts worth of Praetorians and Vehicles in lees than a year. Not speed painting by any standards but, as speedy as I get. I started SWs to get a little break. However, I need to get some more troopers done for a "serious" hobby list.

rlpyles said...

I love the epaulets, how do you do paint them?

Col.Gravis said...

Patience? Me? Not as much as I'd like lol, at the moment I'm working on the idea of doing one stage to them every day I have for doing some hobby things.

Crazy Red, how are you ot Insane Red? 2800pts would drive me potty, I'm lucky to turn out maybe a 1000pts painted a year, but then I am notoriously slow when it comes to painting.

rlpyles, from a white undercoat I use Golden Yellow, Ogryn Flesh Wash, Sunburst Yellow for basic troopers, you can improve it further by adding a Sunburst Yellow/White final highlight.