Friday, 9 October 2009

Commission - Vostroyan Nork Deddog (Part 2)

Another quick update, the Vostroyan Nork Deddog conversion I've been working on as a commission is comming along nicely, the chainmail is finished now, and I'm in the process of tidying up the collar. Once thats sorted I'll get on with the arms before going back over the whole model to detail it (for example the facial hair, aquilla on the chest and boots), I'm really enjoying this project!


Col. Corbane said...

I'm really impressed with your green stuffing mate, how long have you been sculpting?

Also, how long do you leave it before you start working with it?

Col.Gravis said...

I suppose a maybe three years I've been playing around, I'm only just starting to do more variety though.

How ong do I leave it? Um after mixing the putty if thats what you mean it depends on what I'm doing, for press molding I may leave it a little while, for sculpting I tend to crack straight on, between 'stages' it depends, typically 2-3 hours in my mini-fridge 'oven', but normally I just leave a scrap of putty with the piece so I can test how it's cureing without touching the piece itself.

Col. Corbane said...

Thanks for the tips mate, what do you use the mini-fridge 'oven' for?

Sorry if I'm bugging you, just trying to get as much info as possible as I'm slowly getting into sculpting.

Col.Gravis said...

I use the mini fridge, which as well as having a cooling mode has a heating mode, to help speed up the cure time of the green stuff, you can also use something as simple as a 100watt bulb, just I happen to have this as my method.

chris13f said...

cant wait to see it completed mate.