Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hobby Fund (1st October)

Things did'nt quite balance this month, but then it only takes a couple of big purchases and I suppose I did'nt buy anything last month so I should'nt kick myself too hard! I ended up picking up Space Hulk (I wonder how many people really did resist?), and also treated myself to Imperial Armour Volume 7, the third part of the Siege of Vraks completing the set, added to that a bargain to boost my future WFB Mounted Warriors of Chaos army and a few hobby bits and thats £150 pounds gone - oh for a cheaper hobby!

On the bright side I was able to take advantage of an eBay free listing day and shifted a few items which just had'nt sold through my normal channels on this blog and through the forums bringing in a nice little packet, and recieved a part payment on a commission, which hopefully will be the start of my future Hobby Fund income.

  • Starting Balance 1st September = £145.27

  • Sales in September = £138.50

  • Sales Fee's in September = -£11.58

  • Purchases in September = -£153.42

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = -£11.62

  • Balance 1st October = £107.15

This month I can't forsee any major spends, as commission work and finishing my own GT army is keeping me busy and for all these projects I already have everything I need to hand. Hopefully income will include some more commission fee's and if I get round to it some more sales. I've realised I've still got quite a few things to list, the only thing holding me back is time and the fact some of them could do with another dunk in the break fluid!

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