Friday, 2 October 2009

Commission - Belial Conversion Sculpting

The Brief - I was asked by a chap at my local gaming club the Exeter Inquisition to do a little greenstuff work to finish off a conversion for his Dark Angels Belial character which is based on Marneus Calgar. The majority of the work was already done, however after some discussion the things I was too do included adjusting the shoulder pads (DA Dreadnought leg armour), fill in gaps in the shoulder assemblies both above and below the arm and either run pipes from the lightning claws to the sockets in the back of the cloak or complete the cloak over these.

Here's the model as I recieved it.

The Commission -

No work in porgress shots for this one I'm afraid, it was largely done in one hit while I did'nt have my camera to hand.

I removed the shoulder pads and firstly did the connective ribbing under the arms as most space marine models seem to have at such joins, I then built up the shoulders so that the pads would fit with no gaps, testing fitting each time using a lubricant to ensure they did'nt stick as I was doing this. It was at this stage I realised that if I were to disconnect the lightning claws cables and connect them to the back instead the shoulder pads would seems bulky and quite empty so decided to leave the cables in place. I also did a few extra bits like cover some of the Ultramarine icons with small skulls in the center using the original icon as a 'shield' type mount, and filling in some gaps I spotted where he'd fitted a new head.

With the decision to keep the original cables the cloak was a simple matter of filing down the cable connections and then building the cloak over where these sat, I ended up using the skull fixture on the back as a mount for the cloak so having it hanging from below each arm and here blending in the curves.

I also spent five minutes removing a few mold lines that I noticed, mostly on the cloak and lightning claws, job done!

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Master Darksol said...

I had fiddled with trying to get those shoulderpads to sit like that on my captain... But ended up turning them around instead and using small shields to hide connections.

I didn't think of greenstuffing the ribbing as a filler to keep the plates facing as you have them. Great job :)