Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Praetorian Imperial Guard Miniature Range

A Brief History of the Praetorian Imperial Guard Miniature Range

The Praetorian's were created for the 1997 UK Gamesday's Mega Display 'Massacre at Big Toof River'. The original models were based on Alan and Michael Perry's Mordian Iron Guard, for the most part simply head swaps though some additional models were also created including the Standard Bearer and Kneeling with Lasgun poses.

Due too subsequent interest in the models GW made the decision to release a platoon sized Limited Edition Box Set, this was followed by a blister release and their inclusion in the GW catalogue though some sources maintain this was an 'accident'.

The Praetorian range was finally dropped from production in late 2007 as part of GW's reorganisation of their Mail Order and Back Catalogue/Classic Miniatures service.

The Original Miniature Range
The Complete Praetorian Imperial Guard Miniature Range as released was as follows.

Sergeant 1
Sergeant 2
Trooper 1
Trooper 2
Trooper 3
Trooper 4
Trooper 5
Trooper 6
Trooper 7
Trooper 8
Trooper 9
Grenade Launcher
Gunner Torso & Legs 1
Gunner Torso & Legs 2
Heavy Bolter Loader
Autocannon Loader 1
Autocannon Loader 2
Mortar Loader
Mortar Operator
Lascannon Loader
Lascannon Operator
Standard Bearer
Missile Launcher
Missile Loader
Casualty 1
Casualty 2

The 'Praetorian Sentinel' was released as a blister pack, this was the boxy Mk2 metal Sentinel but with a Praetorian Gunner Torso to replace the usual Cadian pilot, if you happen to have one of these (i.e. the actual Praetorian one), it'd be great to complete the article with a picture against a plain white background.


Col. Corbane said...

Old school models, make's me all warm in the chest. Good luck with hunting down that sentinel pic.

Wolfy said...

Wow, i have more than one of every one of those models :o

The Lord of Excess said...

I'm sure you've touched on this before somewhere on your blog ... but what do you think about the new plastics from Wargames Factory?

jabberjabber said...

These are great models; a pity that GW dropped them really.

NemFX said...

I have an old White Dwarf with the Last Stand At Glazer's Creek. Would that be any use to you?

Col.Gravis said...

Too true Col.Corbane!

And likewise Wolfy lol ;)

The Lord of Excess, I've seen good results with them, and some not so good, while I've not >yet< had a go with them myself my opinion is they require time an effort to bring upto scratch by the looks of things given that they're far closer to true scale, meaning any 40k weapons will look very, very silly on them without work.

Agreed jabberjabber.

NemFX, thankyou, but no thats okay, I do have a copy of that issue in my collection.

Raptoruk said...

I have a Praetorian sentinel figure
will photgraph...pls advise were you would like image sending to

Col.Gravis said...

Raptoruk, my usual address which is posted in the right hand column of the blog would be fine!

mk6marine said...
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AJ said...

I used to have one of these sentinels somewhere. I will try my best to hoke it out. This is a fantastic page I hadn't seen before, great reference material!

Nick Kuhns said...

Gravis, are you still looking for the sentinal pic? I also have the original praetorian rough riders, I acquired a large lot of figures off a friend and ended up getting 3 sentinals and 10 rough riders (not sure all the riders are there) there is something close to 150 total praetorians including the special weapon, not counting heavy weapons.

Col.Gravis said...

Nick, yes I am!

Not sure what Roughriders you mentioned are though, GW never produced any Praetorian figures.

Anonymous said...

Your Sentinel.