Thursday, 10 September 2009

More D Company Infantry (Part 1)

Just a little update, I've had my nose to the grind stone whenever I've had an evening free hence the lack of updates! Progress on the Ogryns continues, with the Bonehead just short of being finished, just leaving the weapons for the first batch, however I'm also working on getting my GT army ready for November's Heat 3.

My current project towards that is getting the additional Praetorian Guardsmen finished which I'll be needing, this includes 6 Meltaguns, 2 Flamers and the 6 Sergeants which I was working on converting previously.

I've got quite alot done so far, with much of the base coating done, I'll need to finish the Yellow, Flesh and Metal and then I'll move onto the tunics scarlet.


King's Standard Bearer said...

looking good

Col. Thorne said...

Good Evening to you Col. Gravis,

These are looking really sharp! So am I to assume that you are adding 3rd Platoon to D Company? Keep up the great work!

Col. Thorne

Col.Gravis said...

Thankyou :)

Not 3rd Platoon no, these are just the new Sergeants for 1st & 2nd Platoons replacing the previous Lasgun armed models, and some alternative Special Weapons.