Friday, 25 September 2009

Commission - Vostroyan Nork Deddog (Part 1)

The Brief -

The customer has asked for a Vostoryan themed counts as Nork Deddog model, based roughly on his concept drawing.

The Commission -

Another day another Ogryn, in my second update for the day I've begun work on this commission which promisses to be rather fun! After some discussion with the customer I've begun basic work on the conversion, initially I prepared the Ogre Bull base model, roughly tidying the models where the extra layers would be sculpted.

I've since begun scultping proper by adding the lower portion of the tunic, this ends roughly at the waist where the belt will be added, however the next main portion will be the chainmail shirt, this will probably be the hardest part of the whole piece largely due to the amount of it.

1 comment:

Col. Corbane said...

I'm looking forward to following this one step by step. Your GS work never ceases to amaze me.