Sunday, 20 September 2009

Commission - Praetorian Ogryn Squad (Part 9)

Lets talk guns, Ripper Guns.

For the Praetorian Ogryn Commission the customer is after something based on a Gatling Gun design, the same sort of weapon as my Heavy Bolter replacement Gatling Guns, it's a weapon which fits more with the victorian feel of the Praetorian Imperial Guard.

Now the problem with this is either purchasing a number of suitable assault cannon components (often in high demand and so quite tricky to get hold of in numbers), historical weapons (which would mean buying whole sets and hopefully suitable scale wise weapons), or converting from scratch. I've never really had a great deal of success with such endevours for my own use but this I'm aiming for a really good result - and things are looking up.

Not being much of a drawer, I used state of the art computer graphics to knock up this as a concept for the customer early on while we were chucking around ideas...

He's asked for a different style of ammo drum, but something otherwise more or less per the concept.

The first stage of making these guns reality was the barrel assembly, this proved very easy, I picked up some half-pipe plastic tube and some thin plastic rod cutting this into 10mm sections, three of the rod sections then slip nicely on top of tube for the multiple barrels of the Gatlings Gun. To explain this design, Ogryns being the civilised brutes they are do tend to use their weapons as clubs - so the mechanism needs to be protected while still allowing some air cooling. I then replicated this once for each gun.

Next up comes the muzzel of the gun, I was a little concerned on how to get this done identically ten times, but realised it would be a nice simple piece to employ a bit of green stuff casting with so I create a suitable master.

This is as you'll probably have spotted an Imperial Guard tank wheel, as it was the perfect diameter for the piece I needed and had a good sized grip section which came in handy for the making and molding stage. I simply filled in the recesses, and then added some detail with greenstuff and a little more plastic rod.

I then made a greenstuff mold in the usual way (tutorial coming up on this soon, though there are plenty to be found on the net already).

I've just pulled the first result and I'm really pleased that it looks the part, just needs a little tidying then I'll do the rear block and then do it all again for each of the other guns - then theres the stock and ammo drum to do... hmmm.


King's Standard Bearer said...

like it a lot!

eggmarine said...

Nice ogryn, if there is such a thing... looking forward to seeing how these come along.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys :)

More on the way soon!