Sunday, 23 August 2009

Leman Russ 2 (Part 6)

A second and quick update for today, the hull of Leman Russ 2 is now finished with it's spare fuel drum and exhausts added and a little mud to the lower portion of the hull. For the time being that's as far as this one will be going, it's actual turret will have to wait until after the GT army is ready, for now though it'll be used in conjunction with a Demolisher turret as I mentioned previously cutting back on what I need to get done urgently.


King's Standard Bearer said...

gravis, quick question: how do you do the lettering and numbers on these tanks?

Keep up this amazing standard!!

Col.Gravis said...

Thankyou :)

The text is all done on small pieces of plasticard before it's attached to the tank where possible which makes it that much easier to work on. All the text in this example is painted on using a fine brush, I break it into four stages, horizontal lines, vertical lines, remaining lines and a final touch up to catch as many wobbly bits as possible. I find if your systematic and consistant in your approach it's much easier with something like this.

Dictator said...

Hey gravis, I am under the impression that your styled heavy bolters would go really well with a punisher (regardless of battlefield effectiveness). You should try it out!


Anonymous said...

Very nice work on the hull. Will you be adding any mud/rust-like effects to the exposed tracks as well, or will that be left to the actual hull?

Looking forward to the next update!

Col.Gravis said...

Dictator, I am going to build a Punisher, just out of completness and the fact that with the way the Demolisher turret is done (see the latest update) it'll be easy to do, I'm quite tempted to convert rather then use the stock model though, one set of barrels just is'nt enough, I'm thinking doubling up.

perdusdrift, I must admit that has never even occured to me for some reason lol, I think it's just that I like the clean look, the mud was added on the orginal tank more to break up the grey then because I wanted it to look authenticly muddy.

I'll keep that mind as something ought to do later on.

Thankyou :)