Monday, 31 August 2009

Commission - Praetorian Ogryn Squad (Part 6)

Second hobby update of the day, the main project around which everything else is still being fitted in is the Ogryn Commission, and the first half of the squad continues to near completion.

Ogryn number three with his open jacket has had a tweak with a vest rather then a bare chest after some discussion with the customer, I'm definately much more happy with him now as a finished piece, bar weapons as usual at the moment! I have been thinking about giving him a Pith Helmet, but given they'll feature quite strongly in the second part of the squad I ended up leaving it for the time being.

The Sergeant has seem more work to his tunic, the epualettes have been added as have the tails to the tunic at the back, I'm starting to do a little detailing now with things like the aquilla on his chest - rank chevrons are also on the agenda, the next update should bring him virtually to completion

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Cawshis Clay said...

Great work (as usual)! The monocle/augmented eye piece on the bearded ogryn is pure inspiration!

Thanks for sharing these posts! It's great to see the greenstuff get worked like this!