Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hobby Fund (1st August)

Well thats a bit better, after a last months, well nothing really(!), I set down to resume topping up the hobby fund and clearing out alot of my older bits an bobs. The result is a nice healthy total in the fund and a shelf free of box's! Things which sold included the best part of my WFB Orc & Goblin army, a fair collection of Imperial Guard metals (but theres still plenty more of these to list!), several books and lots of various odds and ends from various Fasntasy and 40k armies.

Purchases this month have been hobby supplies, a pre-order of the new Leman Russ Demolisher kit and everything I need (I hope) for the on going Ogryn commission.

  • Starting Balance 1st July (Previous Sales) = £5.33

  • Sales in July = £344.55

  • Sales Fee's in July = -£14.39

  • Purchases in July = -£87.78

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = £2.70

  • Balance 1st August = £250.41

This month I'm aiming to continue selling items, though with the greatest bulk of it now gone I can't imagine I'll see a monthly gross sales total as high as this again based on selling old things alone. I'm seriously considering taking on more commissions once these Ogryns are done. Meanwhile I've got my eye on the new Planetary Empire release, I've wanted to run some campaigns at my local GCN club for a little while and this makes a nice tool for that.

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Col. Corbane said...

That's a nice monthly income, even if it is a blip. I've been going through quite a bit of my old stuff and I've already shifted a all metal goblin army.

It's helping swell the ranks but as I hoarder, it breaks my heart to do it.

Keep up the cracking bloging.