Thursday, 6 August 2009

Commission - Praetorian Ogryn Squad (Part 4)

Another evening spent working away on the Ogryns, the second two are nearing completion now, the third is still furthest away, the epualette on the left is'nt quite as I'd like it, but I can't quite place how to improve it, however the jacket is coming along nicely I think. I've been using a piece of paper cut to the shape of the jacket too allow me to get the right shape for it with the folds, the right hand side is more or less finished with the left still being worked on.

The forth Ogryn meanwhile is very nearly done, hands are all that definately need to be done, I'm pondering over the Pith Helmet as I've found he looks quite cool without one, I'm also keeping in mind that the Ogryn Bonehead will have a similar uniform - but probably only one should have a helmet to keep the models suitable different. What do you think? Helmet or not?

Finally a package arrived yesterday with the remaining two boxes of Ogres I needed to get on with the rest of the squad, I've quickly got to work on these six. They're in very varying states at the moment, but all are making progress, I'll keep working on all of them for the time being, but the Bonehead is going to be the focus on the work - alongside the existing two which are almost finished. The aim is too get half the squad ready for the customer within the next couple of weeks, with the other five to follow in early September - lets see how that works out!

Oh and I almost forgot! Courtasy of Longinus on Boot Camp - it gave me a chuckle...!

"You've spilt mah bloody tea, Im gonna CRUSH you!!!"


Hal'jin said...

Spilling the finest tea? How dare they. Great, it made me laugh too. :D

They look simply awesome, I admire your gs skills. Then again, I loved your stuff on Warser (because it's you with that vast praetorian log, right?)

Big D said...

Really sharp GS work. I love me some fantasy ogres converted into things. I have a few Obliterators that I converted up out of them. These are really sharp, almost comical with their outfits on. I bet they will look sharp on the table.

Col. Thorne said...

Hiya Col. Gravis,

I personnally like the looks of them with the Pith Helmets - makes them look truly unique and definately Praetorian, but I also agree with your logic that the Bone'ead should stand out from the rest. Whichever, with you at the helm, I am sure that they will turn out fantastic! I second that the GS work is awesome. Keep up the great work, Gravis - we all enjoy watching at a master at work!

Klaus said...

These big boys really come along nicely :)
I looooove the tea pot :)

Ben said...

I can't help but imagine the closed jacket one wearing a fez, and I find the Idea quite amusing

kilian said...

Lol i remember that. fish and chips for the ogryns! ;)

Longinus said...

Hahaha I was rather surprised seeing my image posted on you blog col gravis, thanks for that.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks gents! :)

Hal'jin, it is indeed me with well probably the biggest Praetorian log on Warseer yes, thankyou :)

Big D, the plastic Ogres are great models, I do wish there was a bit more variety in the post given the size of them, but I guess we cant have everything! I'm really looking forward to seeing them once they've been painted on the clients end.

Col. Thorne, I do prefer them with Pith Helmets myself I think, but then again I also like the one with a vest an no Pith Helmet just as much, it's great to be able to get variety in the unit to be honest something I'd perhaps not have tried were they mine - though having done this when I do get around to my own squad they'll be just as many comvbinations I think.

Longinus, what can I say, I could'nt resist, gave me a right chuckle when I saw the picture!