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Imperial Guard Rumours - Summary 2nd Feburary

A little while back I did a rumour summary for the new Imperial Guard codex, things have changed a little since then with the rumour mill grinding slowly up to full speed as we near the point in time where advanced orders will start appearing for the Codex's May 2nd release. I'm gonna take the opportunity now to do a revised summary dumping out some of the chaff which appeared earlier and in fact still does pop up now and again - there will no doubt be more to come of course in future weeks, I'll probably do a further update at some point.

Before I do get into anything though a big hand has to go to The Dude on Warseer, who has done an excellent job of keeping tabs of many of the rumours which have appeared in his Rumour Summary Thread, much, much kudos to him for such an undertaking!

To try and bring some form of order to the summary I'll break the thread down into FoC categories, with models tacked on the end.


Command HQ - With doctrines almost certainly gone there has been extensive talk of 'Special Orders', this appears to have come from various sources but most broadly speaking tally as being the same thing. The jist is that Officers are able to give Guard Squads special orders, it having been suggested that this is achieved either directly to unit's within 12" (much as with the current Leadership Special Rule) or via a Vox, to benefit from the orders success the squad is then rumoured to then pass a leadership check, though whether this is based on the squads leadership or the officers is unknown. There appear to be a number of different 'Special Orders' available, some specifically rumoured one's include; Ignoring Cover Saves conferred by unit from the Squads own Platoon, some form of 'Overwatch' Rule which allows shooting during the enemies movement phase at the cost of shooting and assault in the Guard players turn, one which reduces cover saves, one which improves there shooting ability and one which allows the unit to recover from pinning or going to ground.

Advisors - The Advisors rules are rumoured to have at least undergone some major changes if not outright dropped, no further rumours have yet been offered up relating to Commissars, Sanctioned Pyskers or Priests.

Commissar Lord - Rumours of the inclusion of a Commissar Lord started with the appearance of a green model at Gamesday Baltimore 08, these have persisted with the rumour that it is to be a HQ choice.

Primaris Pysker - A relatively new rumour, in a similar fashion to the Commissar Lord this rumours origins come from a fairly reliable source in a price list from Bell of Lost Souls. It is speculation to say that it is a HQ choice, however there is no reason to believe this new model release is replacing the existing Sanctioned Pyskers, rather that it is a new category of Pysker (or rather the welcome return of an old one for those of us who played 2nd edition 40k!).

Fleet Liaison - Rumour of this character also appeared relatively recently, it is suggested that he allows the Imperial Guard player to call down Orbital Bombardments of some description, it has been suggested he is also a HQ character, though likewise it has been suggested he may be an Advisor type character rather then a standalone HQ choice.


Storm Troopers - Many people supposedly in the know have repeatedly suggested that Storm Troopers are getting a nice buff, however this has typically been about as specific as it gets. It was speculated that they will gain access to Shotguns based on a green model spotted at Games Day Baltimore 08, though if this was actually a Storm Trooper is unclear given persistent rumoured of plastics being in the pipeline new metals which this would seem to have been is unlikely. A recent post on Warseer by Bestiaparda however has suggested that Helguns may become AP3 weapons, that would certainly qualify as a 'nice buff' don’t you think? It should also be noted that they may have access to the Valkyerie as a Dedicated Transport.

Ratlings - Much to some players despair the Imperial Guards stunted hairy footed snipers are almost certainly remaining, rumours relating to the new models suggest they may benefit from Camo Cloaks similarly to Space Marine Scouts.

Ogryns - Ogryns are similarly to Storm Troopers repeatedly rumoured to be receiving a substantial buff, as indeed T5 with a 4+ Save and the Feel No Pain USR would be, this rumour apparently originated on Warseer though I've not found the first post to suggest it as being the shape of things to come.


Infantry Platoons - Infantry Platoon Command Squads are rumoured to benefit from the 'Special Orders' rules as already covered earlier in this summary, however there is rumoured for Platoons.

While Doctrines have gone it has been rumoured that a Platoon may be able to upgrade with additional equipment and so taking on further special rules etc, such upgrades have been suggested to include access to Chimera's to make a Mechanised Platoon, Carapace Armour to give Heavy Infantry and grav Chutes to give the Platoon the ability to Deep Strike.

A solution to the kill points issue has also been rumoured, one which allows individual Infantry Squads from a Platoon to merge into single larger units in a reversal of the Space Marines Combat Squads rule.

Heavy Weapons Teams are also rumoured to be undergoing a change, all that has been suggested so far is that those modelling teams now should use the single supplied 60mm bases rather then having them based separately.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly is talk of a reduction in cost for basic Guardsmen, 4-5pts is the bracket given, though if you'll forgive my own input here, Conscripts (which are rumoured to remain) are very unlikely to drop below their current 4pts, leaving 5pt standard Guardsmen.

Veterans - The only rumours to emerge regarding Hardened Veterans is that they are to become a Troops choice, though many of these rumours do suggest they may simply become a 0-1 upgrade for Infantry Platoons.

Conscripts - Rumoured to remain, with no other suggestions offered apart from the possibility of them gaining a Command Squad or attached Officer.


Helhounds - Three variants of the Helhound have been rumoured including the existing Inferno Cannon armed model, one suggestion being that one will be earned with a Multi-melta, it has also been suggested that they will be available in Squadrons of three vehicles.

Sentinels - Additional weapons options have been rumoured for the Sentinel, mostly notably the Plasma Cannon, with 'Heavy' and 'Light' version a possibility one armed with heavier weapons, one retaining the Scout USR. This may or may not be inspired by a recut Sentinel box on the release list from Bell of Lost Souls, though it is possible this recut is simply one including all the existing weapons options in plastic rather then the current composite kits.


Leman Russ - The Leman Russ and Leman Russ Demolisher are strongly rumoured to be joined by a number of other variants as part of the 21 rumoured tank variants in the codex. It is widely accepted that the twin-autocannon armed Exterminator and the tank busting Vanquisher which appeared in the 3rd Edition codex will make a welcome return, the Plasma armed Executioner is also widely regarded as being included given the presence of what appears to be an Executioner's Plasma Cannon on a CAD picture spotted at a Games Day last year. It is also reasonable to assume a new variant of Leman Russ based on the small sketch icons in the Imperial Guard section of the 5th Edition Rulebook, these seem to show an unknown four barrelled variant with what may be Multi-melta sponsons.

Another repeated rumour suggests a new Special Rule for the Leman Russ, there have been two takes on it, firstly that Sponsons will count as Defensive Weapons (this seems unlikely in my opinion as that would include presumably such heavy weapons as Multi-meltas and Plasma Cannons) or alternatively that you will be able to fire the main weapon in addition to normal shooting.

Basilisk - The Basilisk has not been suggested to be undergoing any changes itself, however it is widely rumoured to be joined by the Griffon Mortar Carrier, another suggestion based on CAD images from Games Days over the year is the inclusion of the Medusa Siege Gun, effectively a longer ranged Demolisher Cannon with an indirect capability.

Hydra Flak Tank - The Hydra Flak Tank is also rumoured to be in the codex.


Chimera - The Chimera received probably the earliest solid backing when FW released an Imperial Armour 2 update, this included new stats for the Inquisitorial Chimera. These rules are believed to be those which we'll see repeated in the Imperial Guard codex with an effective price drop of 34pts with a basic weapons fit of Multilaser and Heavy Bolter as standard and with Smoke Launchers and a Searchlight, this entry also points towards updated rules for the Camo Netting Upgrade though exactly what these will amount too is unknown.

Valkyrie - The Valkyrie has been rumoured for quite a while, initially it was believed that a plastic kit was being produced for a 'Planet Strike' expansion for 40k, something which had weight added to it when CADs were spotted of what appeared to be the interior of a Valkyrie at a Games Day last year. However it is now believed that the Valkyrie will be a Fast Skimmer Transport in the Codex, the only real question is who will have access to it with conflicting rumours that it will be a Dedicated Transport option as with the Valkyrie, that it will be a Fast Attack choice or that it will be a Transport option only for specific squads, notably Storm Troopers.


The following was posted originally on Bell of Lost Souls with further information from O:nk.

First Wave rumoured to be as follows (US$/GB£):
IG Codex $25/£15
IG Primaris Psyker $15
IG Ratling Snipers (Blister) $20
IG Sentinel $25/£15
IG Cadian Command Squad $25
IG Catachan Command Squad $25
IG Valkyrie $50/£35
IG Cadian Shock Troops $22
IG Catachan Jungle Fighters $22

Ratlings - Probably metals, these new models are rumoured to be equipped with cloaks.

Cadian & Catachan Command Squads - Multipart plastic sets, these are rumoured to be full of extra pieces to customise your squads, suggestions have been made that things such as Swagger Sticks and Great Coats are to be found on the sprue.

Cadian & Catatchan Squads - These are rumoured to be ten man squad recuts, it is likely that they will include all special weapon options, however if Heavy Weapons are included is unknown. It has been suggested that the Catatchans may have had some revisions to bring them more in line with the newer plastic Catatchan Heavy Weapons Team (i.e. new arms).

Valkyrie - CAD from an unknown Games Day 2008.

A second wave is believed to follow, a number of greens and CAD's have been seen which suggest possible models for the second wave (or indeed further waves), these include;

Commissar Lord - Greens from Games Day Baltimore 2008

Plastic Storm Troopers - Possible Greens from Games Day Baltimore 2008

Recut Chimera - CAD from Games Day UK 2008

Recut Helhound - CAD from an unknown Games Day 2008


sovietspace said...

Cheers for putting all this together! I can't wait for the new book - there seems to be a lot of good stuff to look forward to.

Also, just wondering, am I only the only Guard player who actually loves Ratlings??

Peter said...

Hmm... I like how you wrote this up I don't care about the IG and yet i still read all of this post. Looking forward to seeing more of the Imperials-not so finest gracing the battlefield... the fact that 90% i beat them has nothing to do with it

Paul Chana said...

Thanks for putting this in one place gravis, very handy. I've been waiting to see what they do with my beloved guad - hopefully i can now take even more tanks ;)
Now if they can just do some plastic Ogryns ill be happy!

Organon said...

Wow Col! I've never seen someone come up with so many different spellings of Valkyrie in the one paragraph and yet still not manage to spell it correctly, lol! :-D

Col.Gravis said...

Not a problem, I'd recommend The Dudes Warseer thread linked towards the top of the post for day to day updates, theres been quite a run of things since I posted this, the gates really are starting to open though there is plenty of chaff amongst the truth.

sovietspace, rest assured your not the only one who likes Ratlings ;)

Organon, consider me suitably shamed lol, I really should use a spell checker! I tend to type rather quickly and none too accurately most of the time! It is now corrected ;)

Dave. said...

Just skimmed these having read 'em on the seer. Though I'm taking everything with a pinch of salt (having been a blue-shirt once) I have to chuckle at the inconsistancy concerning the Valkyrie.

If we assume that the IA.2 update contains the revise Chimera (cheaper points and new special rule), then surely the revied Valkyrie profile is the new standard. The one that says its a flier. . . Which makes sense compared to being a skimmer.

Pah, mainly grumbling as I actually really like the current codex, and I'm scared that Games Dev will cock it up.

Dave out.