Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hobby Fund (1st February) and 100,000 Hits

First off, well buggar me, a 100,000 hits, I dont think I could ever have imagined getting so many when I started the blog, a big thankyou of sorts to everyone who's popped by to have a look!

My attempt at making my hobby cash netral through a hobby fund has done okay in it's first month, with my clear-out proper started, one lot of sales has already been an gone and the Death Korps are on eBay at the moment on the search for new homes, however sales fee's left me in the negative for this month. In terms of purchases in January the main buy was a set of three WFB Gallopper Guns for their carriages (these being quite a hefty price unfortunately) as well as some older Sentinels and a few other various bits and pieces, I dont antipcate Feburary being quite so expensive!

  • Starting Balance 1st January (Previous Sales) = £37.85

  • Sales in January = £84.00

  • Sales Fee's in January = -£7.99

  • Purchases in January = -£78.60

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = £1.22

  • Balance 1st Feburary = £35.26

This month will likely be lower in terms of expendature, and hopefully higher sales which will set the scene in March for a little experiment in terrain making, and then following a two week American Road Trip at the start fo April, selling some basic terrain pieces.

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Commissar Dave said...

Your Praetorian's are really good. I also do Praetorian's and have done so now for the last couple of years. I have seen what is being released on the 2nd of May so here goes from what I can remember:

1 Codex £15
2 valkarie £35
3 Catchans 10man £12
4 Cadian 10man £12
5 Sentinal (Poss Plasma cannon included) £15
6 new style Ratling snipers £?
7 New phsyker (one with weird name) £?

I think thats it the ? means I can't rember what price they were. Hope that helps.