Saturday, 7 February 2009

Leman Russ 2 (Part 2) and whats on the Bench...

Just taking a bit of a lunch break while the green stuff cures in my fridge (no you did read that right, as ever I speed up the process by putting work in a mini-fridge with a heater function), the weekend so far has been pretty productive by my standards, with most of the time being focused on my second Leman Russ. While I waited for a couple more bits I happend upon a thread on The Ammo Bunker, an excellent hobby forum which I lurk on a fair bit, there's a hell of alot you can learn from the guys over there! It's one of those 'whats on your bench' post's and I thought, why not?

First though, progress on the Leman Russ.

Work on the hull is finished for now, well a couple of small gaps need filling but that'll get done in due course, with lights and vision slits now added.

Likewise the turret is in a similar state, a couple of gaps still to fill but otherwise ready for undercoating.

For now the main focus is on the Heavy Bolter assemblies, the greenstuffing needs finishing on these, which is work in progress at the moment. Once finished I'll get them painted and varnished so they can be inserted into the vehicle and painting can commence on the bulk of the tank proper.

Otherwise, here's what's currently on the work bench, I'll leave you to figure out whats what, most of it's fairly obvious, only one may be a little decieving.

So then, whats on your work bench?


Peter said...

15 lizardmen (I lost one :( ) about 40 night goblins, most of the contents of the battlefield accesories sprue, a dreadnaught that needs washing, a chinese takeaway box of tua and dwarves 24 upside-down paints, about 5 brushes clippers, tissues, knife, scissors and... what I'm hoping is blue tac :S

Zemlod said...

So /that/ is how Roughriders look when they're still small..?


Si said...

Awesome, I was hoping you'd get around to doing some praetorian ogryns. I keep pawing at mine, but it'll be fantastic to see them done right ;)

Mike Pomeroy said...

Hiya Col. Gravis. Your blog is astoundingly awesome, as is your coverting and paiting talents. I too am a collector of Praetorian IG, and hope to soon have a blog site up and going. Just out of curiosity, what are you planning for the two FW Cyclops....Do I smell Scylla Light Tank Coversions? Keep up the top-notch work. -MSP

King's Standard Bearer said...

Col. I've never followed blogs or anything of the sort, I'm not big on this kind of thing but I found your site through google searching for imperial guard conversions. I've got to say dude I love your work. The extra vision slits on the Russ are a simple but effective add-on and I will be using the methods mentioned asap! check out my blog,, nothing on it right now but you've inspired me to start it and photos etc will follow in the next month

Col.Gravis said...

lol nice collection there Peter!

Zemlod, that's correct ;)

Well fingers crossed Si they'll turn out alright, I've not done much further to him yet, hopefully I'll put that right this week.

Mike, thankyou, I look forward to your own blog, do let me know the address once it's up and running! I'm afraid it's nothing so fun with the Cyclops, they will just be Cyclops.

And thankyou KSB, I'll take a look at your blog shortly, will link you up next time I'm fiddling with the html on here lol