Friday, 6 February 2009

Ork Warboss (Part 1)

Okay, okay, I did'nt plan on doing any real conversions for my Orks, and by my strandards I guess I'm still not(!) but I had to do a few things none the less and it snowed today, alot, so I've been busy, mostly on Praetorians it has to be said, but I also decided to do a little work on some Orks.

The core of my force will be built around the contents of three Assault on Black Reach box's, including the excellent plastic Warboss. While the models construction, though nice, does'nt lend particuarly well to changes a few simple swaps personalise him a little. In this case Ive simply opted to use a WFB Black Ork head, though I may yet modify this a litlte more, and turning his twin-linked shoota into a kombi-rokkit by replacing the lower barrel with an old Epic Ork Pulsa Rocket which was in my bits box.

Simple, but I'm fairly pleased! He just needs an Attack Squig, and I've got one lined up from the Night Goblin Fanatic sprue.

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