Monday, 23 February 2009

Helblade Turret (Part 3) and Heavy Weapon Rebasing

Well tonight has been productive! First up the 1st Lascannon Battery has now been rebased, for those of you hav'nt yet twigged on, following the leaked French IG Summary sheet we now have confirmation that Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons teams are no more, instead we'll now have single two wound models for our heavy weapons, so now my hoarded 60mm bases come into play.

1st Lascannon Battery

Lots more rebasing to come, I've only been slowed by running out of Badab Black (opps)!

Secondly more progress on the Helblade, okay it's far from finished still, with many loes ends still to tie up, and more work on the turret itself (not to mention a paint job!) but it is at least ready to put to the field tommorrow, I do of course expect it to suffer from 'New Model Syndrome' aka, it wont get a chance to fire the Inferno Gun obviously!


Siph_Horridus said...

Awesome Lascannons. Love the whole 'Zulu' feel to it. They look better, more uniformed on 60mm bases. Great paintjob too

The Inner Geek said...

I agree with Siph, the Lascannons are awesome.

Here's to hoping you get at least one horribly destructive, face melting shot off with the Hellblade Turret!

Andy said...

Even if New Model Syndrome does strike, your Lascannon Battery will be busy tank busting. They look excellent, really nice basing and paint job.

Iain said...

have to agree, the heavy weapon teams look much better on a single large base - was never a fan of the bitty team!

Col.Gravis said...

I actually find myself agreeing, the Lascannons do work better on a single base, though I'm dreading trying to fit them into tight terrain, seperate bases were excellent for this.

The Helblade did'nt perform brilliantly, but it didnt get destroyed either, I'm happy with that at least!