Saturday, 7 February 2009

Imperial Guard Rumours - Latest

This has recently been spotted on a foreign language forum, certainly sounds juicy though I have to say I suspect some of the details, here is a translation from aka_mythos on Warseer.

Penal Legion: LD 8; Scout, Stubborn, Desperados

Chimera 55pts; 12/10/10; Standard with Multilaser and hull heavy bolter; Upgrade Multilaser to Heavy Bolter or heavy flamer for free; storm bolter or heavy stubber +10pts; Hunter killer Missile 10pts; Dozer Blade +10; extra armor +15; camo net +20.

Hellhound 12/12/10 Tank, Fast (Inferno Cannon R12 S6 AP4 Heavy 1 Template no rolls to hit on partials)
Devildog 12/12/10 Tank, Fast (Fusion Cannnon R24 S8 Ap1 Heavy 1 Blast)
Bane Wolf 12/12/10 Tank, Fast ("Chemical Cannon" S1 AP3 Heavy1 Template; Always hits on 2+)

All Leman Russ: Move 6" and fire all weapons or fire nothing and move 6" plus roll 1d6 and move 3,5,8,12,15 inches more.

LR Battle Tank 14/13/10
LR Exterminator 14/13/10 (Autocannon, Twin Linked Heavy 4)
LR Vanquisher 14/13/10 (AP2 Heavy 1 +1d6 to penetration)
LR Eradicator 14/13/10 (Nova Cannon, 36" S6 AP4 Ordnance, Ignore Cover Save)
LR Demolisher 14/13/11
LR Punisher 14/13/11 (Punisher Gatling Cannon 24" S5 AP- Heavy 20)
LR Executioner 14/13/11 (Plasma Executioner Cannon 36" S7 AP3 Heavy 3)

Basilisk 12/10/10 Tank, Open Topped
Medusa 12/10/10 Tank, Open Topped (Medusa Cannon: 36" S10 AP2. Ordnance, or 48" S10 AP1 Blast Melta)
Colossus 12/10/10 Tank, Open Topped (Colossus Cannon: 24-240" S6 AP3 Ordnance, Ignores Cover Saves)
Griffon 12/10/10 Tank, Open Topped (Griffon Heavy Mortar: 12-48" S6 AP4 Ordnance, Re-roll to hit)

Manticore 12/10/10 Tank (Only 4 shots) (Eagle Missile Storm 24-120" S10 Ap4, Ordnance 1d3)

Deathstrike Launcher 12/10/10 Tank ("Heavy Artillery" Only 1 shot, may not fire turn one, each turn roll 1d6 +1 for each turn not fired, -1 for each crew stunned or weapon destroyed sustained on a 6 the missile fires) (R12-1000" S10 AP1 1d3+3 "areas" each area is 6"+1d3(3,5,8") in size)

Ogryn are 25pts, S5, T5 A3 Sv4+ with furious charge(?)

Valkarie: If it moves more than 24" troops maynot embark or disembark; 12" or less troops may diembark with a dangerous terrain test

Conscripts are gone. (This seems contradictory to the first part, but they maybe changing the unit up and the name, and the original poster sees it as that different).


Peter said...

I wouldn't be suprised if the conscripts were gone, as normal guardsmen are likley to be getting a point reduction there'd be very little between them and make conscripts pointless

Admiral Drax said...


Still interested in your 60mm heavy weapons base thoughts...

- Drax.

Commissar Dave said...

i have it on very good authority that chimera's are only going to be 35 points basic. there is also going to be new sentinals with plasma guns and diffrent armour values.

Col.Gravis said...

I have to say I do doubt that Commissar Dave, only as that would put them on a par with Rhino cost's which would be madness considering two heavy weapons mounts - unless of course basic was as now with no heavy weapons.

Commissar Dave said...

I know it sounds hard but it is confirmed, I have also been told there are going to be cadian rough riders on bikes, the griffin tank makes a come back to. Theres going to be a new type of Leman Russ tank, and new style Hellhound. the arbites are also coming at some point, and the inquister hq element is also being done and I think is going to be in the new codex as well.

Col.Gravis said...

Well the Russ, Griffon and Helhound variants are accurate, though we did kinda know it already and today's leaked Summary Sheet confirms the presense of these.

There is 100% no Inquisitor in the codex though, I know this rumour was around for a while but we really can put it to bed now (again thanks to the summary sheet which accounts for all units, nothing Inquisitor like there).

As to the Chimera... well we'll see, but I'd put money on 55pts *whistles to self*