Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hobby Fund (1st March)

Okay, so February has'nt been quite what I'd hoped in terms of the hobby fund with a loss overal, however that is perhaps slightly decieveing as a portion of February's Sales Fee's are for eBay auctions which have not yet finished.

Purchases this month have included some more bits and pieces for a yet to come Imperial Guard Epic force, rare earth magnets for further tanks, oh and a big toy rocket for my forthing comming Deathstrike Missile Launcher conversion, sales have mostly included a number of Death Korps of Krieg units.

  • Starting Balance 1st February (Previous Sales) = £35.26

  • Sales in February = £80.84

  • Sales Fee's in February = -£9.80

  • Purchases in February = -£76.91

  • Misc Income/Outgoings = £1.55

  • Balance 1st March = £30.94

This month really should be cheaper in terms of expendiature, not least because I'll be ending to America for a holiday at the end of the month, despite the lovely new Shadowsword release I've promissed myself that I'll hold fire on any more Super Heavies until two of the three which I already have in progress (Baneblade, Warhound and Leviathan) are finished. That said I did treat myself to a small forgeworld order out of some birthday money I recieved, with one of the lovely Death Korps Commissars (a conversion in mind) and some Imperial Fist's Terminator pads on their way. I've already a number of eBay auctions on, which end in the next couple of days including my old WFB Bits Box, a few more Death Korps and a few other bits, I'll be listing more soon!


King's Standard Bearer said...

Grav thats some serious spending! Iv just put my first lot up on ebay... getting rid of old codex's and a painted Louen Leoncouer of Bretonnia, so if you know anyone interested point them that way! how do I raise some awareness about my blog? Iv just updated it!

Col.Gravis said...

Aye, it adds up faster then you realise I guess.

I wil get round to linking you and some others up on my blog, your best bet though would be perhaps to join the From the Warp Community, and perhaps put a link in your signature in any forums you frequent.