Sunday, 8 March 2009

More Rebased Lascannon's

Thats the second Lascannon Battery rebased onto 60mm bases for the new codex, it's taking far longer then I'd hoped to get the rebasing done, though I'm hoping the remaining Heavy Weapons, two Batteries of Gatlings and one of each of Rocket Troughs and Autocannons will be far quicker, I'm gonna go and undercoat the next portion of the titan now though while the rain holds off!

2nd Lascannon Battery


Kevin said...

Top notch! I may be American, but these models make me want to talk like I'm from Britain :D Very characterful!

King's Standard Bearer said...

Gravis they look brill. You should do a spread of your WHOLE army one day. I reckon it must be enormous from what we see on here every week!

Cawshis Clay said...

I'm going to second what Kevin said. Your army is amazing!

I love the wheels and the high-carriage. It looks of the Napoleonic-era and not...which I'm guessing is the effect you're going for when you modeled them.

Also the bases are nicely done. Overall, I'm jealous of your skills! :)

Admiral Drax said...

Sweet - I was wondering how yours would turn out!

I'm still wary of changing mine back. I'm sure the rules will work themselves out, but I just don't like the 60mm bases. I wonder if I could fit mine onto 40mm bases?

My problems are that they (a) look awkward, and (b) are difficult to perch in ruins - especially Cities of Death ones, and especially so that they have true LoS. I'll let you know about 40mm bases when I get around to trying them,eh?

- Drax.

The Inner Geek said...

The minis look brilliant, as usual. Hope your good priming weather holds out!

Mike Pomeroy said...

As always, Col. Gravis, you are amazing. Top-notch painting, basing and composition. Your work humble me and inspires me at the same time!

Please keep up the great work. BTW, my meager Blog is now up,

cadian127th said...

Looking good. Seems my brilliant plan to base my heavy weapons teams on the 60mm bases from the start has worked - or I just couldn't deal with doing separate loaders etc.

How have you managed to set your pictures out side by side like that?

Once again excellent work.

- Cadian 127th

Vandhir said...

Great work you have here on your blog, I love the Praetorian guard and I'll be facing them sooner or later because my brother has a lot of them.

I've just started my own blog as well. Check it out here:

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys! :)

KSB, there's one of 1500pts, which is actually more or less whats finished at a Grand Tournament, to my shame I'd good at starting things but not finishing, theres lot's to do lol

Admiral Drax, 40mm should work alright, though they might be a bit crowded for some weapons I guess, I've got no choice myself as two crew and my larger then normal weapons physically wont fit on anything smaller :( I agree that it's a pain for moving them around in terrain.

Mike, your linked! ;)

cadian127th, the pictures are set out in tables, but with a border size of 0, it's the only way I've found to get a fixed layout. If you right click on the post and view source you should be able to see exactly how it's done.

Vandir, get your brother blogging as well ;) more Praetorian's on the net! As for your own blog, your linked up now :)