Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Imperial Guard Rumours - One Last Blast (Updated 19/3)

As ever there is an excellent Imperial Guard rumour summary on Warseer put together by The Dude, much praise for him, go take a look for confirmations of all previous details including the leaked French Summary sheet - and now for some new rumours.


Basic Company Commanders are around 50pts.

Power Weapons come in at 10pts.

Officers are NO LONGER Independent Characters.

The new Advisors, Officer of the Fleet, Master of Ordnance and Astropath are around 30pts each, Sanctioned Pyskers are no longer Advisor upgrades.

Bodyguards are around 15pts and allow you to allocate two wounds which would affect their Officer against them instead.

Medics now give the unit the Feel No Pain USR.

When embarked on a Chimera, it's 'Mobile Command Vehicle' rule allows Command Squads to issue Orders from *inside* the vehicle.

Mogul Kamir and his unit are subject to Rage.

Sly Marbo has a Demo Charge and does indeed always wound on 2+'s in assault, he also retains his Sniper Pistol.

There is a Tank Commander upgrade, called Sergeant (?) Pasc, he gives the tank a BS of 4 and has an additional special ability against tanks and Monsterous Creatures, he costs around 50pts.


Stormtroopers are indeed 16pts each, you may pick one of three missions, Behind Enemy Lines which grants the USR Move Though Cover, Recon which grants Out Flank or Arial Assualt which gives them a reroll of scatter dice for deep strike and Valkyrie disembarks.

The Pysker Chior starts at around 60pts for an Overseer and 4 Pyskers.

Ogryns are Stubborn.


Infantry Platoons consist of, Command Section, 2-5 Infantry Squads, 0-5 Heavy Weapons Squads, 0-3 Special Weapons Squads, 0-1 Conscript Platoons

The 2-5 Infantry Squads can be marged into a single unit.

Infantry Squad come in at 50pts, weapons options come in at 5pts for Mortars, 10pts for Heavy Bolters and Autocannon, 15pts for Missile Launchers, 20pts for Lascannon, 5pts for Grenade Launchers and Flamers, 10pts for Meltaguns and 15pts for Plasma Guns.

Heavy Weapons Squads start at 60pts with 3 Mortars, and each weapon can be upgraded as follows, 5pts for Heavy Bolters and Autocannon, 10pts for Missile Launchers, 15pts for Lascannon.

Special Weapons Squads are able to take 3 Demo Charges.

Conscripts are Lasgun only units.

Commissars come in at about 35pts basic.

Veterans Squads may take Carapace, 80pts for a unit IIRC before Carapace.


Valkyrie - Multilaser, Hellstrike x2 (S8 Ordnance, but not blast) can replace with multiple rocket pods 5" Blast S4 AP5 or 6 not sure which.

Vendetta - Basic armament 3x Twin-Linked Lascannon(!)

The Heavy Sentinel may possibly also have a Multi-melta option.

Roughriders now have a Laspistol & Close Combat Weapon inaddition to their Hunting Lances - which sadly remain one use only weapons, 5 Roughriders starts at 55pts.


Leman Russ come in between 150-190pts basic depending on type, all have access to Heavy Bolter, Heavy Flamer (other reliable sources say no now), Multi-melta and Plasma Cannon Sponsons startingat 20pts for the cheapest option. The Executioner is the most expensive variant which with Plasma Sponsons will come in at about 230pts.

The Colossus specificly can not fire in a direct fire mode, it must fire indirectly.

Hydra has two twin-linked weapons.

Camo Netting improves a stationary tanks cover save by +1.


Lach said...

So when all is said and done, only the Necrons and the Tau will "Not" have feel no pain. Good update Gravis.

Techpriest said...

I was reading this with glee until I read that Plasma Guns are FIFTEEN POINTS?!

They used to be 8 points in the 3rd edition codex!

A Space Marine costs the same as a BS3 Plasma Gun?!

Now I'm gonna have to change out all my Plasma Guns. :(

Franky K said...


Admiral Drax said...


Your info + The Dude's info = fascinating changes.

I guess the God-Emporer moves in mysterious ways, huh?

I'm going to bed now, and I'm going to think very hard about these new rumours...

- Drax.

ColonelGreiss said...

tank squadrons...actual squadrons or can they act independantly

Anonymous said...

Looks like IG Tanks are getting better in all respects but are going to have to pay for it. Fair enough. As with all rumors there are things that look great and things I am disappointed to see… Might have to loose the Heavy Flamers on my Demolisher Tanks… those ruled the day in 4th but haven’t been worth taking in 5th… might not even be an option in the new Codex.


Col.Gravis said...

It is gonna be an interesting codex, with so many changes, some good, some not so good, certainly lots of new builds, can't wait to get my hands on it!