Monday, 16 March 2009

Draft Ork List Mk.2 - 1500pts

This is the second draft of my prospective Ork list for the Tournament enviroment.

Mad Dok Grostnik @160pts

30 Boyz inc. Nob with Boss Pole and Power Klaw @220pts

===> The Mad Dok Leads one big unit of Boyz granting them Fearless and Feel No Pain

24 Boyz inc. Nob with Boss Pole and Power Klaw @184pts

24 Boyz inc. Nob with Boss Pole and Power Klaw @184pts

===> Two more big Boyz mobs, nothing more needed to be said really.

24 Gretchin & 2 Runtherd @92pts

===> Operation Gretchin Shield, these guys will provide a cover save for the main body of the Orks.

10 Gretchin & 1 Runtherd @40pts

===> A cheap unit for skulking around holding objectives.

5 Burna Boyz @75pts

===> Burna's, a fairly cheap unit, these guys will mostly come into play against horde armies, especially Assaulty horde armies, in which case they'll probably 'borrow' the Nobz Truck to get into position.

Battlewagon with Killkannon @150pts

===> Big template, big fun, and tough enough to draw some fire and hopefully live to shoot again, plus can shift small mobs around if needed.

10 Nobz inc. 7x 'eavy Armour, Pain Boy, 3x Power Klaw, 1xBoss Pole @345pts

(Pain Boy with Armour, Power Klaw with Armour, Power Klaw with Armour and Boss Pole, Power Klaw, 4 with Armour, 2 Bare)

Trukk inc. Red Paint Job, Armour Plates @50pts

===> Nobz, what more needs to be said, a hard hitting Nob unit with a Pain Boy for the Feel No Pain, not quite as nasty as the previous version to cut cost's, but still quite krumpable.



josh said...

just popped in from your link on BOLS, and i must say i am surprised to see another player with Grotsnik in thier army. I don't know if you are taking recomendations or not, but if you are, i would try running grotsnik in a smaller unit in a tranport. People learn quickly to just make the unit chase rhinos or jetbikes around the table, since you have to advance towards the nearest enemy unit, a big mob can mess up your movement and won't get to do anything in dawn of war or spearhead tyle deployments. Eleven cyborks and grotsnik in a truck have done wonders for me, plus then you get an extra trukk to ride along with the nobz. hope this helps.

squighound said...

I understood from the codex you need another runtherd for your 24 grots. You need one for every 10 grots, meaning you'd need 3.

If you're a model short, you can usually pick up cool old Gorkamorka and 2nd ed. figures on ebay.

Col.Gravis said...

squighound, my understanding of it was you'd need one for each complete 10 models, quite possible that I'm mistaken though, I'll have a read about.

I'm definately taking recommendations josh, this list is still quite pie in the sky, though the core of it, Boyz, Truk, Battlewagon and Nobz are all models I have as part of my collection. So thankyou! There'll probably be a couple more takes on this lot before I settle on whats going into the first actual list I put to field, as unlike with Guard and Sisters, Ork are quite a new concept to me.

Anonymous said...

a big mek with a kff will do a better job of giving out a cover save then grots, granted its only a 5+ but its harder to kill and can give it to more units