Sunday, 18 January 2009

Making Your Hobby Cash Neutral?

At the end of last year, which actually I suppose is'nt that long ago I decided to try an make some Hobby Resolutions, so far I think I'm making a good start (but then dont resolutions always go well for the first month?) My posting on the blog is up, I'm getting on with long term projects and I've resisted the urge to delve into a WFB Nurgle themed Chaos Army (though it's an infection I dont expect to hold off forever!).

So where am I going with this? Well as well as getting what I've started done, or rather not starting anything new I was wondering how else I could cut back on hobby spending (as I'm sure many of us do at times), it was then I happend across a blog post over on Lone Pilgrim's Blog (one of quite a large number of blogs I follow). His quite simple take on hobby spending is too only purchase from a single fund, a fund which is increased through the sale of old hobby materials, small change and the like, while I'm sure he's far from the only person to take this approach I think it's a damn good idea.

That in mind I'm adding one more last minute hobby resolution, too try and make my hobby cash neutral for a year, which can only be a good thing really given my plans to hopefully buy a place of my own by the end of the year and a two week holiday to America in the spring. I'm gonna adopt the same format as lone pilgrim for this, which I hope he wont mind, so without further ado, here we go.

  • Starting Balance 1st January (Previous Sales) = £37.85

  • Sales since 1st January = £44.00

  • Sales Fee since 1st January = -£1.22

  • Purchases since 1st January = -£61.71

  • Current Balance = £20.14

What are your spending habbits when it comes to the hobby? Do you let your hobby fund your hobby, work to a fixed hobby budget, or perhaps just purchase what you want when it's needed?


Admiral Drax said...

I like it...but I haven't really much to sell, and I never get around to selling it anyway.

Because I've hardly bought any models at all for eighteen months (1 building and the bits for my wyvern) I've opted for a reward scheme for myself, based on getting my current models finished. So far, it's netted me £20 (of my own money), and I hope to have another £32 within a couple of weeks...

Please see my post '076 - Points Mean Prizes' for details.

- Drax.

Aventine said...

In my area local game store tournaments have very generous prize support (courtesy of GW) and no entry fee. This has allowed me to purchase my last few armies with a very small personal investment. I realize I'm pretty fortunate though.

Matt said...

I to am trying to resist the buying urge this year. Although with the stormsword sitting on the horizon i know i will falter. I pretty much buy what i want when i can. However since right now I have so much stuff on the build prime and paint line i dont know if i will be buying anything, excpet well maybe the stormsword and well the valkyerie if they release it and the iron clad unless i can come up with a good drill arm.....AHHHHHHHH!!!!! its an addiction. My little plastic crack.

RonSaikowski said...

I've been "neutral" for some time now I suppose.

Between the odd conversion and commission I've done, it's paid for the pieces I've needed here and there.

I don't buy that much though and I already had most of my recent army already purchased from a long time ago.

My FLGS had a swap meet this weekend where I vowed to leave with less than I came in with and now I'm set for the next year.

Once you make neutral, try for positive... there's a challenge.

sovietspace said...

That's a really interesting concept there, but one I think I would struggle to do!

I'm one of these people who can't help himself. Although I have enough stuff in boxes to keep me painting until 2010, I know I'm going to end up buying yet more.

Like Matt, I'm trying to hold enough, but I know that Codex IG is going to kill my wallet!

Good luck with your scheme though Gravis!

CrusherJoe said...

Oh, my hobby spending is pretty neutral. As in, I only spend money on stuff I want.

Wait, that's not right.

I don't have an unlimited budget by any means, but I've been blessed with a decent-paying job and that means unless it's over $50 or so, I can pretty much just wander to the FLGS and pick it up.

The problem with that is, I'm like a ferret on crack sometimes when it comes to buying models. I have tons of them, and my free time has been consumed by my impending marriage and work, relentless work (which I can't complain about, as that's what fuels the hobby budget, right?).

Anyway...there's some very clever ideas here, keep up the good work!

Oh, and I could never make a hobby budget based on selling things. I don't have anything hobby-related that's for sale! :)

Anonymous said...

Last year I sold roughly half of my minis after flat out running out of room to store them, funding the majority of new purchases from those sales (aside from a large protion of those funds that went to bills) As such I was probably hobby negative last year. So it can work. However this year I doubt it will work for me, as I'm pretty much down to what I don't want to part with, so don't see myself selling too much off.


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

I've been tracking my hobby income/expense for 2 years now. Knowing that I'm up money on the hobby helps justify the costs of big ticket items. My family has never made an issue of gaming costs, but I don't think I could casually spend $100 on a bucket of resin if I did not know I'd make the money back some how.

Siph_Horridus said...

I had a big blow out last year with many FW IG DKK purchases and a Reaver to top it. Plus SM Spearhead, Gamesday and the inevitable GD purchases inc Drop Pod etc.
So this year it is more of a low key - paint what you have time-ish.
I do how ever sell older stuff I no longer wanted on ebay, re-couping the cost of the Reaver!

Captain Mike said...

Interesting concept, but what happens when you run out things to sell?

I'm at a self imposed standstill in terms of buying stuff. I'm not buying any more until I've painted what I've got.

By which time it will be Christmas again.

Col.Gravis said...

Wow, alot of responses, it's great to see all the different takes people have on this subject, as we all know all too well it can be quite expensive to get our metal/plastic/resin 'fix'!

I think I need say no more, however I will add, that I'd love to be able to make my hobby Cash Positive as Ron suggests, though on that same note I'm not sure I'd ever want to go so far as making it a job - for me i think that would take out much of the enjoyment, but thats maybe another subject for another time!

To do that Mike, and indeed to make it cash neutral in the long run I guess you have to be able to provide a service or a surplus, for me I do love converting and sculpting figures though I need alot more practice yet, and I must confess I'm toying with the idea of producing some basic terrain and then use my early casting expierences to try an produce a few bits to sell on, pie in the ksy for now though, there are'nt enoguh horus in the day as it is!

Admiral Drax said...

Quite right: there aren't enough 'Horus' in the day.

Paging Dr. Freud?

- Drax.
And I for one would love to be able to cast resin...

Col.Gravis said...

Yikes, my chaotic tendacies are revealed!

Either that or I need to slow down a bit ;)

Chris said...

I tend to purchase what I want whether it's needed or not.

misterjustin said...

Chiming in a bit late but...

The thing to remember when and if you do commission conversions is that you'll never make a living wage doing it. Until recently I paid for my hobby with commission painting. It certainly took care of the hobby but I wouldn't be able to live on the income.

That's fine though. Painting for a living wasn't my goal - paying for the hobby way. So if that's your goal I think you could easily accomplish it with your conversions. Hell, I'd be interested in a squad!