Tuesday, 30 December 2008

New Years Hobby Resolutions

I've seen a few of these post's popping up on the 40k blogging community and thought what the heck, why not! I could certainly try to make a few promises to myself for what hobby 2009 holds in store - though knowing full well that like most resolutions these will probably last about a month, oh well!

1 - No new armies. I've enough unpainted and assembled plastic, metal and resin to keep me going for quite a while, besides the never ending Praetorians, Orks and Space Marine 40k armies are all awaiting work, and I'm also about to delve into Epic Armageddon with an Imperial Guard force, the promiss is that until one or more of these three is finished I won't start another collection.

2 - Finish what I've started. I've several projects which are languishing uncomplete, the Leviathan, Praetorian Roughrider and Guard conversion kit components, Malcador, Baneblade and Warhound are all noteable examples, I'll try to finish at least a couple of these projects before succumbing to one of the other moutain of idea's which are circling around in my head.

3 - Painting Practice. I'd really like to spend some time improving on the standard of my painting, some things I'm very happy with, others need alot of work, I'd like to aim to turn out a really nice display piece for Games Day this year, just need some inspiration. And practice. And possibly an open enough mind to try harder to follow other peoples advice, I can admit that I am perhaps too stuck in trying to make things work my way before trying what others suggest.

4 - Blog! I'd really like to try an update this blog a bit more, maybe a couple of post's a week rather then the current quiet period followed by a mad rush of a half dozen posts in a short period of time.

5 - Terrain. I've always tended to play games either at the local shop or events. I'd really like to get a small collection of nice terrain together, something modelled nicely to match my armies. It's easy to overlook terrain in favour of adding that nice new unit, but some themed terrain can be really cool, it also opens up a new place to play (or at least a new place to play where your not fighting over little china houses, salt shakers and book shaped hills!).

Thats what I'm gonna try and stick to this year, go on, I challenge you, what will your New Years Hobby Resolutions be?


Phill MADCT said...

probably much the same. I finished 2 armies this year and the big plastic warhammer terrain kit which I'm proud of. I have a company of space marines in front of me and some eldar from years ago. I look forward to the day when all my stuff is fully painted!

So my goals will be to finish the marines and maybe I'll buy a thunderhawk for them if I do.

Then onto the eldar...

Anonymous said...

To have 1500 Points of Orks fully painted in time for Baltimore's Gamesday. Theoretically feasible if I didn't paint something from a different army/game every week.


Anonymous said...

Oh christ, tell me about the army thing. My Guard haven't been finished (Yet!) I have half a company of Crimson Fists I should finish, My Daemonhunters and my Witchhunters haven't received any attention in at least a year and I went and bought more Space Marines a few days back! It's almost a curse!

*Sighs* I probably should paint stuff then.