Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Venatio Accipiter (Part 1)

Ah I can't seem to settle into doing one project at the moment, maybe the Warhound will finally settle me down for a bit, I've spent the past couple of days cleaning and assembling the legs. As you'd expect with FW it's a bit of a job, certainly Titans are'nt for the faint of heart but I think I'm getting the measure of the beast - though I've not tackled all those pistons yet!

As it stands (hmmm) the legs themselves are assembled, but here it's hips are merely pinned in place and not glued (hence the giant floaty hand), I'm torn between painting the legs seperately first or doing the whole lower portion in one hit, will have a think though I'm pretty sure doing them seperately is probably the best plan. The next couple of weeks promiss to be rather busy however so it's quite possible I wont get to do anything much more until my christmas break now - even that could be busy though time will tell.

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Matt said...

WOW!! a real hound, I bow to your greatness. Wish I could afford one. I am really looking forward to seeing your progress on that bad boy.