Thursday, 4 December 2008

'Ere We Go Boyz! Itz da Waaagh!

Da boyz is gettin restless like, an those pansie hummies, da red boyz, needz a crumpin so itz time to start da Waaagh!

In other words it's time I got off my backside and did a little to my long wanted Ork army - what better as an opposite number for the Praetorians? They wont be anything particularly fancy, infact I'm planning on using them to experiment with dipping, they are'nt taking a front seat quite yet either, just I wanted to firstly do something towards them and secondly, well, they take up less sprue off the sprue!


Shaman said...

The better number of Orks vs the Praetorians is 45476498877176396 :)
Beat them all!!!!!!!!! :):):)

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't glue those Deff Koptas together before painting them (like I did). I'm sure they'd have taken a lot less time to paint if I hadn't.


Brandon said...

OH NO... not dipping : (

Col.Gravis said...

Aye lots of Orks are a good ;)

Unfortately I have stuck em together yes lol, never thought of that - well will see how I get on with em!

Yep, dipping for the majority of the orks I'm afraid, as I'm a slow painter and it's another big army I'd rather get them done quickly to a basic standard and lavish time on the Praetorians then either have them unpainted for well a while! ;)

Anonymous said...

how come you didn't put thier arms and legs on in the photo