Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Christmas Workbench and Orks Drift 2

I'm lucky enough to work in a school, which means I'm also lucky enough to benefit from most of the school holidays, including the Christmas Break, crappy weather means lots of time to spend on the hobby so it's time to lay out a plan of what I want to get done in the next few weeks.

First on the list will be continued work on the Warhound, I'm aiming to have the legs painted by the end of the break and the upper torso assembled, as we've a large 50,000point Apocolypse Game planned for the end of January it would be a great chance to roll out the beasty, even if it suffers from new model syndrome and thus dies spectacularly in turn one before it does, well anything! I had planned on commissioning someone to build me a Mars Pattern Twin Turbo-laser as the model comes supplied with Plasma Blastgun and Vulcan Megabolter and I'd like to up-gun the Vulcan a little, but as is I think I may have a crack at it myself after all.

Colonel Ackland will of course be also on the list along with the Malcador, both of these models are so near completion yet not seeing any love that it's criminal, so expect to see developments on them soon, Ackland taking priority.

Next up I need to revisit my Heavy Weapons, in light of future developments I need to rebase all of them onto 60mm bases, I'm torn bewteen simply remounting them or knocking out some 60mm movement trays of sorts with the Heavy Weapon fixed and slots for the crew's bases, any thoughts on how best to do this would definately be appreciated!

3rd Platoon of D Company needs painting to bulk out my Infantry numbers sufficiently, though that'll probably be more of a long term project, likewise I'm hoping to crack on with my tanks, the three tank Basilisk battery I started assembling a while ago is crying out for finishing, and I'd like to get at least one more Russ finished given I've got all my Conqueror turrets from FW now - that said I'd also like to do some more variant Turrets, the Executioner needs painting (and I'm keeping my eyes open for another Imperator Titan Plasma Cannon (if anyone has such a piece sitting in their bits box I'd love to hear from you!), and I'd like to knock out some Demolisher, Exterminator and Vanquisher alternative turrets.

Phew, thats rather alot actually, not so much of a plan as an epic wish list still nows the best chance I have to crack on, so crack on I will!

In other news the Orks are once more massing for an assault on the Drift, and Captain Caine will once more be leading the Imperial Guards defence surrounded by his trusty Praetorian's. Last time the battle was fought the Imperial Guard edged a narrow victory, but this time there really could be thousands of the green skinned blighters - so I'll tell you one thing, we'll be opening fire long before we see the red's of their eyes!

If your located in the region why not come along and bolster the Guard lines, or if your an Ork player to swot the red boyz down!

Orks Drift 2 will be fought at Games Workshop Exeter on the 27th of December.


Anonymous said...

I've got most of an Imperator plasma cannon mounted on an old Chaos dreadnaught that I don't use anymore. Dreadnaught arms are a dime a dozen anymore, I could pop it off for you. I also have about half of a plasma destroyer cannon fro a mispacked FW order. The portion of the gun behind the nozzel is cut @ an angle as it was mounted on an old VDR'd Chimera some time back. Drop me a line & I can send you photos if your interested.


Admiral Drax said...

Hmmm...27th you say?

It's very tempting, to be honest. Kate actually said she'd consider driving back early from Norwich if I "really want to."

Then again, I might be heading back early for a game of Apocalypse in the cottage...

Hmm. Decisions, decisions.

By the way, what did you mean by "in light of future developments"? Should I be worried?

Good luck against those orks, if I don't see you there! "Company will fix bayonets; fix......bayonets!"

- Drax

Col.Gravis said...

Corey, I've dropped you an email!

Admiral Drax, Tough call huh ;) well do let me know if you might attend with a little luck it should be an excellent game, last time was a blast.

With regards to Heavy Weapons, yes, it's the only major change I'm making to my finished models, it would be at least wise to make sure you have sufficient large bases for your teams.

Firehippo said...

Something I have done for my heavy weapons team is mount the weapon and gunner on a 60mm base with enough room for another model on the base. Then I glue a sheet of thin plasticard to the bottom and cut out a spot for the second gunner on the 60mm base that way he is removable and the base can still be somewhat scenic.

Admiral Drax said...

Why? (I mean that in a whiney-voiced way).

I've invested good time and effort separating my heavy weapons teams because I dislike those big bases. Why are you guys going to the 60mm versions?

Is there something I've missed?

Please let me know!

- Drax.

PS: I love the pith helmet, Gravis!

Col.Gravis said...

That definately sounds like a good option Firehippo, thankyou for your thoughts.

Admiral Drax, I'm afraid I can't exactly explain that, but it's based on information I've been given and is not yet in the public domain, I'm sure in due course it will do.

Admiral Drax said...

Damnit! Thanks anyway. I suppose some things are still better left as surprises.

Well, I suppose it gives me an excuse to delay painting up my second hvy wpns platoon. Course, I've no idea whether hvy wpns platoons will still be with us in the future...


- Drax.

rlpyles said...

you're killin' me, lol. well, could you at least tell us if there are any other modeling tips we should keep in mind for the next codex? This dramatically changes how I want to model my Praetorian heavy weapons, for example (originally all the crewman were going to be own their own bases, allowing me to go crazy on the weapon bases!)

cadian127th said...

Hmm 2 hour drive from my girlfriends parents house on the 27th. Decisions decisions.

I may have to come along for that - can see if her parents want a day out in Exeter :).

A Baneblade, Demolisher, Exterminator, Vanquisher, Conqueror, 2 maybe 3 Leman Russ' and another 55 infantry plus 6 heavy weapons would be a nice reinforcement. I'll keep you posted if I can or can't make it.

And to think I've nearly finished my heavy weapons and now I'll have to rebase them all - crud.