Tuesday, 13 January 2009

FtW Round Table - The Things We Most Appreciate About the FtW Group

The 40k blogging community really seems to have grown exponentially in the past couple of years, indeed as it seems to have for all aspects of wargaming as a whole, when I first came to it there were just a few well read blogs, and now there are many, some focused on a particular aspect such as a specific army, modelling, or battle reports, others more general blogs of individuals or groups of gamers, they vary from the power house that is the Bell of Lost Souls with it's huge following to the smaller blogs with a post every couple of months detailing one individuals hobby over the course of time.

From the Warp provides an easy way for people too browse amongst a group of good quality active blogs, your bound to find something of interest to you personally amongst them, a new tactic, a hobby artical or just something thats bloody cool and inspirational. Now sure simple linking between blogs does do the same, but the level of interaction between the blogs which are part of FtW is what seperates them from the masses, with regular interblog discussion, challenges etc it just takes something great and makes it better, with people bouncing ideas off each other, discussing and taking inspiration more so then even more so then you'd normally expect.

It's a real credit to how much Ron the founder of the group achieved in such a short space of time, and one I have no doubt will continue now real life concerns have forced his hand as he moves on and passes the reins to Peter of the Aspect Portal.

Have you ever thought about documenting your adventures in our hobby with a blog? If not why not, now is definately as good a time as any to get going, so dont put it off, create yourself an account and a blog, and dont forget to sign up for From the Warp!

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