Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Malcador (Part 4)

Just a (quick) update from the work bench!

The Malcador is (at last) nearing completion, the main hull itself just needs a little mud now with the painting complete, and okay it's not alot but I'm especially pleased with the free hand four!

Besides the mud, I need too add a radio aerial which will also have a little penant on it, probably with an aquilla on, I've cut down the aerial from the IG Tank Accessory sprue, drilling a metal pin into it to give it solid, well pin, to the hull, though it wont be glued for transport purposes.

There's still one thing on my mind though, should it get a name? I've not for my Russ, but I will be for the big Super Heavies like the Baneblade, the Malcador I see as fitting halfway between the two, as a Heavy Tank, any thoughts, if you think it does deserve a name suggestions welcome!


Malcolm Wilson said...

The gatling guns in place of heavy bolters looks great. To be fair, whole beastie looks great. :)

As for the name... what is your rationale for naming Superheavies and not regular tanks? Are the Baneblades named because they're rare and special? If so, how common are the Malcadors? Rare enough to be regarded as special, or common enough to be "just another" tank?

sovietspace said...

Great work on this beasty, the WWI look really fits in well with the rest of your Praetorians.

As for the naming dilemma -if you follow Malcom's logic and just name the 'rarer' tanks then I'd leave the Malcador unnamed. Its supposed to be a 'mothballed' tank pattern after all.

For me though most IG tanks seem to have names, certainly in the majority of the novels (just finished Titanicus, which has great examples of this). I'd personally go back and name the Russ too! Fair enough if its 'done' and you want to leave it, but it might just add a bit of extra character to it. Not that a Praetorian army is lacking in character...!

For the Malcador something highlighting its supposed age would be good. Perhaps 'Old Faithful'?

jabberjabber said...

I'd be tempted to name all tanks, if they have a living crew (I wonder if necrons name their monoliths or just have serial numbers to refer to them?).

But I can understand that only the larger and more formidable ones might be "formally" or ceremonially named with something scribed on their hulls.

Perhaps there's a name from the Horus Heresy book series that could be used? e.g. Ignace, and so on? Just a random thought!

Admiral Drax said...

SWEET! Especially the '4'. Well done you.

There are some pretty good names around if you scrabble for them. I plan to get a pair of something-or-other and call them Phobos and Deimos. Hellhounds would be good for this, but I already have two.

Maybe something solid and defensive, like "Bulwark" or "Stalwart". A nice idea might be to look up old British warship names, especially those starting with 'I-' or 'In-' (Illustrius; Indefatigable; Indomitable; Inperturbable; Invincible; Invulnerable; Impervious etc.).

My Baneblade is named 'Zarathustra' (as in, 'Thus Spake...'); my next(?!) superheavy could be called 'Zadok'.

- Drax

Vyper76 said...

I like the WW1 look of the Malcadors and think it fits in nicely with the look of your force. I apologise in advance for this but the only name I can come up with for your tank is "Orc's Rift" the bad pun got stuck in my head and has pushed all other creative naming out of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious if any of the old British MK I Landships had any names. Given that this is so obviously modeled after those (more so than the standard Russ), using one of those names (if any) as sort of an homage to them would be cool.

Drax's idea of using WWI British naval names sounds like a good idea too.


Col.Gravis said...

Thanks guys :)

A naval warships name is definately on the cards, hav'nt decided on what yet though, I'll maybe have look at a few books for some ideas!

Warpspawn said...

Great looking tank, as for the name I would go for Caeculus, I got the idea that from the fact that assault cannons always remind me of very small Vulcan mega, (Vulcan being the roman God/blacksmith) and Caeculus is Vulcan son in roman mythology.

Siph_Horridus said...

Another good warship name would be Albion, very old skool British name like the whole Praetorian pith helmets and my last ship - RN you see.