Sunday, 11 January 2009

Draft Imperial Fist List - 1500pts

More thoughts, more list's, this time for my fledgling Imperial Fist's Space Marines, as with the Ork's they'll be plenty more to add to this, but for the moment this is what I'm looking at working towards. It's themed around Captain Lysander who I love as a model and had to include, so two units of Terminators and a Dreadnought from the 1st Company make an appearance. This is reinforced by three tactical squads and it's all mounted for deep striking just for fun!

Captain Lysander @200pts

===> Love the model, love Imperial Fist's, it's therefore a no-brainer for me even if I normally dont use Special Characters.

Terminator Assault Squad inc. 5xTerminators, 3xLightning Claws, 2xThunderhammer & Storm Shield @200pts

Terminator Squad inc. Sergeant, 3xTerminators, 2xChainfists, Assault Cannon @240pts

===> To go with Lysander come some of his 1st Company, with a basic Terminator Assault Squad and a basic Terminator Squad with Assault Cannon and a couple of Chainfists - I may yet switch to a Cyclone Missile Launcher though as ranged Anti-Tank is a little lacking.

Dreadnought inc. Plasma Cannon, Extra Armour @130pts
Drop Pod @35pts

===> As with the Orks I love the Space Marine Dreadnought, Plasma Cannons meanwhile are just fun though possibly a twin-linked Lascannon may have been more sensible for Anti-Tank, though then again given it's my only threatening vehicle keeping it's cost low may be wise.

Tactical Squad inc. Sergeant, 9 Marines, Flamer, Heavy Bolter @170pts
Drop Pod @35pts

Tactical Squad inc. Sergeant with Power Weapon & Plasma Pistol, 9 Marines, Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher @210pts
Drop Pod @35pts

Tactical Squad inc. Sergeant with Power Fist & Combi-Melta, 9 Marines, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher @210pts
Drop Pod @35pts

===> Three full strength tactical squads giving me between 3 and 6 scoring units depending on the mission and my choice with Lysander, the first is kitted for dealing with hordes, the second for dealing with MEQ's and the third for armour and really tough stuff.



Richard Deane said...

A curious list to my eyes, it makes little use of Lysanders irkesomely awesome potential.

I'd have expected some sternguard to be honest. With Lysander they are even better. In fact, where do you plan on putting the big guy? One of the nicest things about the new rules is that he can be placed in reserve with practically any unit. Thus you can tailor your tactics a bit to suit opponent. For instance, bring him in with a tactical squad for some serious bolter death.

Also you've bought 2 terminator squads and a bunch of drop pods so I believe you mean to have everything in reserve to start with. If so then why no locator beacons or teleport homers?

Lastly a specfic unit criticism. The third tactical squad you've said is for anti-tank so why not give them a multimelta? The drop pod solves the range issue and combat squad means it needn't limit the rest of the unit. The first squad could also enjoy a combi-flamer on the sergeant.

misterjustin said...

I would add to the above comments that with one Dread and no other vehicles it's going to get hosed quick - it's the only real anti-tank target. I'd say drop the Dread or take two and drop a Tac Squad. It's a tough call.

Col.Gravis said...

Well it is a draft ;)

Thanks guys for the feedback!

Lysander could well join either Terminator Squad at present or a Tactical Squad, though Sternguard are a possibility to replace one unit, probably the regular Terminators.

The multi-mleta is a good point, to be honest I'd missed that it was one of the 'free' options, so it'll definately go in.

Teleport Homers hav'nt made it on points grounds, it would take some fiddling to fit them in at the moment.

The Dread will almost certainly get hosed, but it's something I really want in the list because I like Dreadnoughts, no other reason really!