Thursday, 8 January 2009

Draft Ork List - 1500pts

After a little thought this is the basic competative list I'm going to be working towards for my Orks, there'll also be about 500pts of extra fun stuff so I can swap an change things around a bit as the mood takes me.

Warboss inc. Power Klaw, Cybork body, 'eavy armour, boss pole, attack squig @120pts

===> A fairly standard warboss outfit.

10 Nobz inc. 7x 'eavy Armour, Pain Boy, 2x Big Choppa, 2x Power Klaw, 4xBoss Pole, Waaagh Banner, Stikkbombz @375pts

(1xPain Boy with Armour, 1xPower Klaw with Armour, 1xPower Klaw with Armour and Boss Pole, 1xBoss Pole, 1xBig Choppa with Armour, 1xBig Choppa with Armour and Boss Pole, 1xno upgrades, 1x with Armour, 1x with Armour and Boss Pole, 1x Armour and Waaagh Banner)

Trukk inc. Red Paint Job, Armour Plates @50pts

===> Okay, hands up I know I'm being a total git with wound allocation here, with every model different! Theres the Pain Boy for Feel No Pain, the Waaagh Banner for the WS bonus, a couple of Power Klaw's for really hurty hitty, a couple of Big Choppa's for those targets which just need that little bit extra strength, and some basic Nobz to round it all off for weight of attacks and wounds. Joined by the Warboss and loaded up in their Trukk (which I dont expect to last long!) they should be able to at least get where they'll do the most damage and well, krump!

26 Boyz inc. Nob with Power Klaw, Bosspole @196pts

26 Boyz inc. Nob with Power Klaw, Bosspole @196pts

26 Boyz inc. Nob with Power Klaw, Bosspole @196pts

===> Lots of Boyz, whats not to like, unless they're on the opposite side of the table!

3x Deffkopta inc. twin linked rokkit launcha @135pts

===> Well I've got the models, they're fast, fun, and a nusiance for my opponent, they're in! I did think about having them as three seperate units of one, but that would be nasty for KP's, perhaps one single and one unit of two?

Deff Dread inc. 2 Skorcha, armour plates, grot riggers @100pts

===> I've always loved Orky Dreads, this was mandatory - even if it will draw lots of AT (maybe away from the Trukk or vice versa though!).

Big Gunz inc. 2 Zzzap Guns, 2 extra crew, @66pts

Big Gunz inc. 2 Zzzap Guns, 2 extra crew, @66pts

===> Big Gunz, I love big gunz! And Grots! These provide a little suporting firepower, especially against heavily armoured targets (by which I mean 2+ saves mostly) as well as vehicles. These guys can take advantage of whatever cover exists while the rest of the army goes on the attack.



Anonymous said...

Might want to swap a unit of Zzap gunz for a Lobbas battery, they always work wundas for my boyz. I don't have any Zzap gunz, but have seen them perform miserably against me. My lone Kannon has yet to do anything useful either, it generally looks good doing it though. Stick a Buzz saw on one of those Koptas (Catachan sentinel saw works easiest) just to make sure you kill enemy tanks after flanking them.


Tim said...

yeah, you might want to use the lootas since i bought them for you!

Richard Deane said...

Are you giving the boys slugga and choppa or shoota?

I think you need some special weapons in the boys mobs. Currently your ranged threats include zap guns and deffcoptas. Useful enough units but both are very fragile and would be quite easy to take out.

That lone trukk is going to die turn 1 unless there are some very weird dice rolls. Which will then leave your very expensive nobs with either a long walk or the singular focus of an army's attention.

Ork dreads are great bang for your buck. Nice to see him there although kans might have been a better choice.

I look forward to seeing them.

Col.Gravis said...

Thanks for the comments guys, all taken on board, I do doubt this will end up being a final list truth be told!

Certainly once I've got the majority of the boyz assembled I'll be having words with you at the club Richard! ;)

Tim, dont worry, they'll be used, I'll include them in the 2000pts list I suspect!

Tim said...

Battlewagon, dude. Get rollin' in a av14 deathwagon!

Col.Gravis said...

Battlewagon for 2000pts ;)

Mitch said...

Dude as a long time Ork player I'm gonna make 2 recommendations:

1. Swap at least one battery out to buy a cheap grot squad that can
A: Hold objectives on your side of the table while da boyz kill stuff
B: Give you the 4+ cover save from screening

2. This is a personal bit, but: Take Zagstruk with the minimum squad, he is just ridiculous for an 85 point model. His deep strike and charge power is useful for assassinating heavy weapons squads, heavy tanks, even the odd powerfist character or monstrous creature, up to 5 st 9 powerklaw attacks at in 4 on the charge and WS 5 is nothing to sniff at.

Personally Zagstruk has never failed me, so long as you place your deep strikes smart, you'll nail a good target every time he comes down.

Do not be afraid of not having ranged power, if you flood the table as you have there will be little actual room for your opponent to maneuver around the wall of boyz.

If you're having trouble against some opponents try subbing in a Warphead for 85 points somewhere to lead the boyz squad. Their auto-hit ranged powers, teleport, +1 attack and WAAAAGH! powers can really save you in a pinch, nail tough targets or ram your big charge home early on.

Oh and if you really ever want to screw with your opponents head (this is a really effective tactic to psych out opponents). I used to use this in my old ork army (stopped playing because every game was the same charge, own, win): Get a big swarm of boys, screened by grots (4+ cover), lead the big front squad of 30 with Mad Dok Grotsnik (4+ feel no pain, fearless, can give any model 5+ inv for 5pts), add Zagstruk to punch out any big templates they have, get a Warphead to lead another squad (little chaos factor) and then spend extra points on an elites or fast attack choice. The result is the wonderful look on your opponents face when they see the dust settle after their huge shooting phase and only 6 out of 150 total models on your side are actually dead because you got a 4+ cover, then a 4+ feel no pain on top of your strong toughness of 4 against anything they throw at you. And any big S8 templates get snapped by turn 2 from either Zagstruk, a weirdboy power or the elites/fast attack unit sneaking around the edge of your army.

The main trick of this army is when your opponent sees themselves as heavily outnumbered they will gun for the big front squad with grotsnik, or they'll waste shots removing your cover save (the grots). Most opponents tend to have inward panic when their combined shooting kills less than a dent in the total horde, shock tactics are key. especially when you leave those sneaky spare grot squads holding objectives down the back or on the flanks.

Alternatively you can also take Snikrot instead of or in addition to Zagstruk. Snikrot is more accurate but less devastating, but his squad can effectively deal with most enemy troops using burnas.

Anyway, your army is good. I like the sneaky nob wounds allocation, you gotta be careful though. To use them effectively you must resist the temptation to race at the enemy and charge. Use the trukk's speed to dart from cover to cover until you can use the Waaagh to charge. Ideally along with at least one of the boyz sqauds. If there is no good cover for such a purpose, then walk and use the trukk as a mobile screen for the unit.