Sunday, 17 May 2009

Venatio Accipiter (Part 3)

Yes, some hobby stuff once more!

I've been fairly busy with work as of late amongst other things, but just about whenever I've had the chance I've been beavering away on the Venatio Accipiter again. The result of this is a model with the legs now completely basecoated with Charadon Granite. Why you ask? Well because I liked the colour so I started applying that, I'm thinking a mix with Catachan Green to bring it up a bit next, plus plenty more work on the metal. This has been the reason for quite a dry month as far as hobby is concerned, it's taken rather a long time!

The base meanwhile I'm intending to do with a moorlandish feel, something like in the picture below, there will be a pool in the center of the base with scrub and the like around it. My hope is this will be suitable more impressive then how I do my bases normally (quickly!) while it'll still blend in with them when the army is used as a whole.

I've also been working on the forward portion of the main hull's interior which I hope to update with pictures next time, indeed with a bit of luck I'll be able to get the main portion of the hull pinned together and ready to start work on it's exterior. I've also just recieved a Lucius Pattern Turbo Laser to replace the Vulcan Mega Bolter, I'd planned to convert this to fit in with the Mars pattern, however it seems that Forgeworld may release the actual Mars Pattern arm far sooner then anticipated as it was on show at GD Baltimore - we'll see how get's to the arm first, me or Forgeworld.

My money's on Forgeworld.


The Inner Geek said...

Very nice work. I'm interested in how much work it would take to make a Lucius arm fit on a Mars Warhound? I know they look is a bit different, but are there other more mechanical impediments?

Anonymous said...

I know you probably dont want to share your secrets, but can you tell me what you used for the Rocket Launcher models?

I'm having trouble finding something that fits in with them as they are turn-of-the-century British. I am in the process of buying some German WW1 Field guns to use as Lascannons.

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Hello there.

Sorry about the previous comment, that was me. I was wondering if you would like to exchange links for blogs and i will put you up on my site?

Just started a blog such as yours (you inspired me to do it) and i thought i would get links to other blogs going.

King's Standard Bearer said...

Hey Col.
Hows the Mini Col. Gravis coming along? Cant wait to see that and the Thunderbolt pilot finished.

Craig @ cadian8th

Col.Gravis said...

The Inner Geek, to actually fit is no problem at all, though they supply different joint brackets the weapons themselves work with either, the only real problem I can see is the Lucius lacks points for the connection pipes, thats no biggy though.

Wolfy, if you mean the Rocket Troughs can be seen unpainted at the following link,

They're essentially just a piece of plasti-strut and a tripod and bipod from the plastic IG heavy weapons sprue. I've actually not settled on something for Missile Launchers, though at the moment thats no hinderance to me as I dont rate them very highly, I'm not really sure what to suggest I'm afraid.

I tried checking your blog but the link does'nt seem to work, let me know what it is an I'll pop you up!

KSB, the Thunderbolt Pilot is finished link below, Gravis is kinda on hold, at the moment I'm working on my own heads again, my aim is to create something unique for him, but I need to practice on faces first, I keep ending up with people with chubby cheeks lol